Exploiting the Deep and Dark Web

2 Day Course
Hands On

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Module 1 - Deep Web (6 topics)

  • Differences between Surface, Deep and Dark Webs
  • What is the Deep Web
  • Static and Dynamic webpages
  • Meta search and Federated Search
  • Web indexing
  • Deep Web search engines

Module 2 - Deep Web Archives (4 topics)

  • Exploiting Deep Web Archives
  • Web Directories
  • Online Databases
  • Accessing Invisible content

Module 3 - Background of the Dark Web (2 topics)

  • History of criminal forums
  • History of infamous Dark Web Sites

Module 4 - Tor, Privacy and Security (9 topics)

  • How to Install and Correctly Configure the Tor Browser
  • Understand how Tor works safely and legally
  • Explore Dark Web of markets and underground criminal forums
  • Social Media on the Dark Web.
  • Tor Circuit Creation
  • Directory Authorities and consensus document
  • Tor Metrics
  • Tor Bridges
  • Implications for using Tor onion services using Tor2web and other surface web tools

Module 5 - Tor Hidden Service (THS) (4 topics)

  • Tor Hidden Services Protocol
  • Hidden Service Directories
  • Creating a Tor Hidden Service
  • Analysis of Tor Hidden Service

Module 6 - Tor Apps and Using Tor in Virtual Environments (7 topics)

  • Tor Chat
  • Tor Messenger
  • Tails operating system
  • Qubes operating system
  • OSIRT Browser
  • Buscador operating system
  • Tor on Android and iPhone

Module 7 - Other Dark Webs and Dark Nets (4 topics)

  • Installing and accessing i2P Dark Web
  • Tunnels and Eepsites used in i2P
  • Installing and accessing Freenet Dark Web
  • Future of the Dark Web

Module 8 - Bitcoin and Virtual Currencies (5 topics)

  • This module covers the following subjects:
  • How bitcoin and virtual currencies work
  • Advanced block chain
  • Proof of work
  • Other cryptocurrencies


Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of Open Source Intelligence techniques.

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