Social Media Open Source Intelligence

2 Day Course
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This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cyber Security Training Courses.


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Social Media (7 topics)

  • What is social media?
  • Describe the wide variety and most popular social networks
  • Where to find the information?
  • What information is shared on social network platforms?
  • Social Media search engines
  • Live monitoring social media content
  • How to securely capture and save the information they uncover

Facebook and Messenger (7 topics)

  • What is Facebook?
  • Facebook settings
  • Facebook searching
  • What is "Facebook" Messenger?
  • What information can be found on Messenger?
  • Accessing Facebook on the dark web
  • Using Facebook API to find information

Twitter and Twitter third party apps (7 topics)

  • What is Twitter?
  • Advanced Twitter search tools
  • Learn key third-party tools for gathering intelligence
  • Use tools for collating real-time News
  • Geolocation tagged social media apps
  • Identify devices being used to send Tweets
  • Twitter search engines

YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, and WhatsApp (7 topics)

  • YouTube search tools
  • Viewing metadata of YouTube videos
  • What information that can be found on Instagram and what search tools can be used?
  • Using a Instagram API to find information
  • What information that can be found on Pinterest and what search tools can be used?
  • Using a Pinterest API to find information
  • What information that can be found on WhatsApp and what search tools can be used?

Reddit, LinkedIn, Google+, VK, Snapchat and Skype (8 topics)

  • What information that can be found on Reddit and what search tools can be used?
  • Sub-Reddit boards and how to use them as an intelligence asset
  • LinkedIn search tools and intelligence gathering
  • Google+ search and historical postings
  • Snapchat search tools
  • Skype search tools
  • VK postings and search tools
  • Using facial recognition software to identify VK users

Blogs, Vlogs, Forums, Bulletin Boards, Gaming sites and Off topic boards (7 topics)

  • Current internet forums, communities and discussion boards
  • How to exploit Blogs and Vlogs for intelligence?
  • Tumblr source of intelligence and information
  • Forum/Blog search engines
  • Gaming sites
  • Off topic boards
  • How to locate Historical postings?

Geo spatial analysis of Social Media - individuals, images and devices (8 topics)

  • Geo-locating images and videos
  • Content base searching
  • Reverse image searching
  • Video sharing sites
  • Facial recognition
  • Image verification
  • Geo-Spatial image identification from posts on Social Media
  • How devices expose our data whilst using social media

Forensic Linguistics in social media messaging (4 topics)

  • To identify an urban language being used and to help comprehend the meaning.
  • What is an 'urban language'?
  • Where to find information online and what websites can help in deciphering the text.
  • Forensic linguistic techniques used in deciphering social media messaging, the content and style.


Participants are expected to have a good knowledge of Open Source Intelligence techniques and have completed the Open
Source Inteligence Introduction course (QAOSCII).

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