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This Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Dark Web boot camp will provide delegates with skills to become efficient and effective at finding those key pieces of intelligence on the Internet and Dark Web. There are a number of key technologies that have allowed The Dark Web to flourish, from cryptocurrency to software that allows anonymity such as Tor. Cyber-crime is at the fore-front of criminal innovation. This boot camp is a practical course, allowing delegates the time to explore and understand some of the tools and techniques used by cyber defender and cyber-crime investigators.

Please note this boot camp course is an amalgam of the following two Introduction & Advanced OSINT courses (QAOSCII, QAOSCIA). Please do not book to attend this boot camp delivery if you have attended either of these standalone courses.


Day 1 - 3:

  • Use advanced search engine techniques and features
  • Identify websites for finding information on people and companies
  • Analyse website source code for investigative purposes
  • Use deep web sites and directories
  • Understand internet infrastructure and its use intelligence gathering and investigation
  • Explain the digital footprint is left when online and the dangers associated
  • Use social media for investigation, intelligence and geolocation
  • Describe the best open source software to use for investigations
  • Access influential internet communities
  • You will also have an introduction to the Dark Web, criminal innovation and cybercrime

Day 4 & 5:

  • Advanced search engine techniques and Google hacking
  • How to describe the ways mobile devices can cause and opportunity and risk
  • Tracking users with GPRS and SSID
  • Advanced software required for safe internet investigations
  • How to use open source encrypted anonymity services
  • Familiarity with use of Tor and accessing Tor Hidden Services (THS) and other Dark Webs
  • How Virtual currencies work, particularly Bitcoin
  • Advanced knowledge needed when capturing digital evidence for court

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Day 1 (5 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 - History of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  • Module 2 - How devices communicate
  • Module 3 - Internet Infrastructure
  • Module 4 - Search Engines

Day 2 (4 topics)

  • Module 5 - Companies and people
  • Module 6 - Analysing the code
  • Module 7 - The Deep Web
  • Module 8 - Social Media

Day 3 (5 topics)

  • Module 9 - Protecting your digital footprint
  • Module 10 - Internet Communities and Culture
  • Module 11 - Cyber Threat
  • Module 12 - Tools for investigators
  • Module 13 - Legislation

Day 4 (15 topics)

  • Module 1 - Instant Messaging - IRC
  • Acronyms
  • IRC Networks and Channels
  • Module 2 - Secure Communications
  • Cryptography
  • Hashing
  • PGP and GnuPG
  • Module 3 - Cyber Threat Intelligence
  • CVE
  • SCAP
  • TAXII, STIX and CybOX
  • Module 4 - Digital Evidence Capture
  • Video and screenshots
  • Module 5 - Intelligence Evaluation
  • 5x5x5 Intelligence document

Day 5 (15 topics)

  • Module 6 - Background of the Dark Web
  • History of Criminal Forums
  • History of infamous Dark Web sites
  • Module 7 - Tor and Tor Hidden Servicers
  • How Tor works
  • How THS work
  • Attacks against the Tor network
  • Analysis of THS
  • Module 8 - Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies
  • How Bitcoin works
  • Blockchain
  • Proof-of-work
  • Altcoins
  • Module 9 - Other Dark Webs
  • I2p, Freenet and GNUnet


There are no prerequisites for this course, however, participants are expected to have a basic understanding of computers and the internet.

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