Java Programming Language Workshop

5 Day Course
Code SL-285

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Java Training Courses.


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Java Application Design (5 topics)

  • Explain the goals of each phase of the software development cycle
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the Java Runtime Environment by relating the application components to the appropriate type of program
  • Discuss the basic elements of application programming interface (API) design
  • Define the BrokerTool program components given the functional requirements of the project

Managing Database Queries (7 topics)

  • Understand relational database design
  • Explain Codd's first three rules of relational database design
  • Construct mSQL queries
  • Create a connection to an mSQL database
  • Extract information from an mSQL database
  • Implement the API defined for the Database class

Introduction to JDBC (5 topics)

  • Explain what JDBC is
  • Understand how using the abstraction layer provided by JDBC can make your database front-end portable across platforms
  • Describe the five major tasks involved with the JDBC programmer's interface
  • State the requirements of a JDBC driver and its relationship to the JDBC driver manager

Building GUIs (5 topics)

  • Differentiate between the Swing components and the AWT model
  • Apply the principles of good graphical user interface design to your own design of the BrokerTool user interface
  • Create the class structure for an object-oriented GUI
  • Design and implement a GUI using containers, components, and layout managers

Networking Connections (5 topics)

  • Create a class to read live-feed data from a socket connection
  • Integrate your new class with a TickerTape class to create the scrolling ticker tape "look" to the data as you read it from the live-feed application
  • Test your code, and consider how you will handle any error conditions encountered with the connection
  • Integrate the final TickerTape class into the BrokerTool application

Multiple-Tier Database Design (4 topics)

  • Understand one-, two-, and three-tier database architecture
  • Understand the issues related to implementing a three-tier design
  • Create a multiple-tier Java applet or application

Porting Considerations and Wrap-Up (5 topics)

  • Enumerate issues involved in porting between Solaris[TM] and Windows NT[TM] environments
  • Demonstrate the success of your modular design by building hybrid applications mixing server and client modules
  • Describe how design decisions made in program design now affect the extensibility of the application
  • Debug problems, should they arise, when interchanging modules


This course was created for programmers already familiar with the basic structure and syntax of the Java programming language, and who need to further expand this knowledge to developing complex, production-level applications. Delegates should be able to develop advanced Java applets, develop applications using C or C++, use object-oriented programming techniques, understand User Interface (UI) design, and understand basic TCP/IP communication Program with sockets or streams.

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