Building the IBM Lotus Domino 7 Infrastructure

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum
Code L7ND760

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM Lotus Training Courses.


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Planning a basic Domino infrastructure (1 topic)

  • Considering deployment scenarios

Installing and setting up the first Domino server and administrator (4 topics)

  • Designing a hierarchical naming scheme
  • Installing and setting up the first Domino server
  • Installing and setting up the Domino Administrator client
  • Creating a database to track Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes licenses

Setting up servers in the Domino domain (2 topics)

  • Creating additional certifiers for servers and users per an established naming scheme
  • Creating server IDs per an established naming scheme

Adding Notes workstations to the Domino domain (6 topics)

  • Creating internal Domino user IDs per an established naming scheme
  • Installing the Notes client software
  • Setting up the Notes workstation
  • Creating user groups
  • Specifying desktop settings using policies
  • Backing up ID files

Setting up the administration environment (4 topics)

  • Specifying administration preferences
  • Allowing and restricting server access
  • Allowing administrators access to the Domino Directory
  • Recording server activity in the Domino Server Log file

Setting up the replication schedule to synchronize Domino system databases in the domain (4 topics)

  • Designing a replication topology
  • Creating a group for server replication
  • Scheduling replication
  • Monitoring replication

Configuring intranet Domino mail routing (3 topics)

  • Creating Domino Named Networks
  • Routing mail between Domino Named Networks
  • Scheduling mail routing

Configuring internet mail routing (3 topics)

  • Enabling SMTP routing
  • Configuring basic and advanced settings for SMTP routing
  • Restricting mail flow to and from the Internet

Enabling message controls (12 topics)

  • Controlling mail delivery
  • Setting mail restrictions
  • Creating whitelist and blacklist filters
  • Implementing message disclaimers
  • Enhancing transfer performance
  • Enabling mail journalling
  • Understanding how mail rules are executed
  • Creating mail rules
  • Stopping the processing of mail rules
  • Using the blacklist tag and whitelist tag mail rule conditions
  • Establishing mail quotas
  • Archiving mail using policies

Enabling server and messaging monitoring (4 topics)

  • Testing mail routing
  • Enabling message tracking
  • Monitoring mail delivery
  • Monitoring mail statistics

Troubleshooting common mail setup problems (4 topics)

  • Testing mail connections
  • Restarting the Router
  • Forcing mail to route
  • Managing dead and undelivered mail


The prerequisites for this course include completion of the IBM Lotus Domino 7 System Administration Operating Fundamentals (N7D750) course or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience.