M20762: Developing SQL Databases

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This five-day instructor-led course provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop a Microsoft SQL Server 2016 database. The course focuses on teaching individuals how to use SQL Server 2016 product features and tools related to developing a database.


  • Design and Implement Tables.
  • Describe advanced table designs
  • Ensure Data Integrity through Constraints.
  • Describe indexes, including Optimized and Columnstore indexes
  • Design and Implement Views.
  • Design and Implement Stored Procedures.
  • Design and Implement User Defined Functions.
  • Respond to data manipulation using triggers.
  • Design and Implement In-Memory Tables.
  • Implement Managed Code in SQL Server.
  • Store and Query XML Data.
  • Work with Spatial Data.
  • Store and Query Blobs and Text Documents.

Target Audience

The primary audience for this course is IT Professionals who want to become skilled on SQL Server 2016 product features and technologies for implementing a database. The secondary audiences for this course are individuals who are developers from other product platforms looking to become skilled in the implementation of a SQL Server 2016 database.

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Introduction to Database Development (3 topics)

  • Introduction to the SQL Server Platform
  • SQL Server Database Development Tasks
  • Lab: SQL Server Database Development Tasks

Designing and Implementing Tables (5 topics)

  • Designing Tables
  • Data Types
  • Working with Schemas
  • Creating and Altering Tables
  • Lab: Designing and Implementing Tables

Advanced Table Designs (4 topics)

  • Partitioning data
  • Compressing Data
  • Temporal Tables
  • Lab: Using Advanced Table Designs

Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints (4 topics)

  • Enforcing data Integrity
  • Implementing Domain Integrity
  • Implementing Entity and Referential Integrity
  • Lab: Ensuring Data Integrity through Constraints

Introduction to Indexes (4 topics)

  • Core Indexing Concepts
  • Data Types and Indexes
  • Single Column and Composite Indexes
  • Lab: Implementing Indexes

Designing Optimized Index Strategies (9 topics)

  • Index Strategies
  • Managing Indexes
  • Execution Plans
  • The Database Engine Tuning Advisor
  • Query Store
  • Lab: Optimizing Indexes
  • Using Query Store
  • Heaps and Clustered Indexes
  • Creating a Covered Index

Columnstore Indexes (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Columnstore indexes
  • Creating Columnstore indexes
  • Working Columnstore indexes
  • Lab: Using Columnstore indexes

Designing and Implementing Views (4 topics)

  • Introduction to views
  • Creating and managing views
  • Performance considerations for views
  • Lab: Designing and Implementing Views

Designing and Implementing Stored Procedures (8 topics)

  • Introduction to Stored Procedures
  • Working with Stored Procedures
  • Implementing Parameterized Stored Procedures
  • Controlling Execution Context
  • Lab: Designing and Implementing Stored Procedures
  • Create Stored procedures
  • Create Parameterized Stored procedures
  • Changes Stored Procedure Execution Context

Designing and Implementing User-Defined Functions (6 topics)

  • Overview of Functions
  • Designing and Implementing Scalar Functions
  • Designing and Implementing Table-Valued Functions
  • Implementation Considerations for Functions
  • Alternatives to Functions
  • Lab: Designing and Implementing User-defined Functions

Responding to Data Manipulation via Triggers (4 topics)

  • Designing DML Triggers
  • Implementing DML Triggers
  • Advanced Trigger Concepts
  • Lab: Responding to Data Manipulation via Triggers

Using In-Memory Tables (3 topics)

  • In-Memory tables
  • Native Stored Procedures
  • Lab: In Memory OLTP

Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server (4 topics)

  • Introduction to SQL CLR Integration
  • Importing and Configuring Assemblies
  • Implementing SQL CLR Integration
  • Lab: Implementing Managed Code in SQL Server

Storing and Querying XML Data in SQL Server (6 topics)

  • Introduction to XML and XML Schemas
  • Storing XML Data and Schemas in SQL Server
  • Implementing the XML Data Type
  • Using the T-SQL FOR XML Statement
  • Getting Started with xQuery
  • Lab: Storing and Querying XML Data in SQL Server

Working with SQL Server Spatial Data (4 topics)

  • Introduction to Spatial Data
  • Working with SQL Server Spatial Data Types
  • Using Spatial Data in Applications
  • Lab: Working with SQL Server Spatial Data

Storing and Querying Blobs and Text Documents in SQL Server (4 topics)

  • Considerations for BLOB Data
  • Working with FileStream
  • Using Full-Text Search
  • Lab: Storing and Querying Blobs and Text Documents in SQL Server

SQL Server Concurrency (5 topics)

  • Concurrency and Transactions
  • Locking Internals
  • Lab: SQL Server Concurrency
  • Implement Snapshot Isolation
  • Implement Partition Level Locking

Performance and Monitoring (8 topics)

  • Extended Events
  • Working with extended Events
  • Live Query Statistics
  • Optimize Database File Configuration
  • Metrics
  • Lab: Monitoring, Tracing, and Baselining
  • Collecting and Analyzing Data Using Extended Events
  • Implementing Baseline Methodology


  • Basic knowledge of the Microsoft Windows operating system and its core functionality.
  • Working knowledge of Transact-SQL.
  • Working knowledge of relational databases.

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