IBM Lotus Domino 7 System Administration Operating Fundamentals

1 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum
Code L7ND750

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM Lotus Training Courses.


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Extending Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes beyond the single server (5 topics)

  • Identifying what other functions a Domino server can perform
  • Recognizing how clusters increase server availability
  • Understanding how Domino partitions work
  • Identifying what Internet protocols Lotus Domino supports
  • Integrating the extended products

Defining Mail Routing in Lotus Domino, including (6 topics)

  • Understanding how Lotus Domino routes mail
  • What are the components for mail routing?
  • What routing protocols does Lotus Domino support?
  • How does mail route within a Domino Named Network?
  • How does mail route between Domino Named Networks?
  • Designing a mail routing topology

Examining Replication (6 topics)

  • Understanding Lotus Domino replication:
  • Replication terms
  • Replication logic -- source and target servers, and source and target documents
  • Replica databases
  • Initiating replication
  • Recognizing factors that affect replication

Examining the Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes architecture (6 topics)

  • Recognizing the role of the Domino system administrator
  • Understanding the key elements of a Domino environment
  • What are Lotus Domino and Lotus Notes?
  • What is a Domino database?
  • What is a directory?
  • What is the Lotus Domino Administrator?

Defining Security mechanisms, including (15 topics)

  • Recognizing the elements used for Domino security
  • What is a domain?
  • What is a Domino Named Network?
  • What is a certifier ID?
  • What is a Notes ID?
  • What is a server ID?
  • What are certificates (Notes & X.509)
  • What is an organization?
  • What is an organizational unit?
  • Designing a hierarchical naming scheme
  • Deciding on an authentication mechanism and anonymous access
  • Defining groups
  • Securing a database using the Access Control List
  • Securing a server using the server access list
  • Securing a workstation using the Execution Control List


The prerequisites for this course include previous experience as a network administrator or mail system administrator, and experience using the Lotus Notes 7 Client.