M20697-2: Deploying and Managing Windows 10 Using Enterprise Services

5 Day Course
Hands On
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Code M20697-2

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows 10 Training Courses.


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Managing Desktops and Devices in an Enterprise Environment (7 topics)

  • Managing Windows 10 in the Enterprise
  • Managing a Mobile Workforce
  • Supporting Devices in the Enterprise
  • Extending IT Management and Services to the Cloud
  • Lab: Planning for Windows 10 and Device Management in the Enterprise
  • Reading the Scenario
  • Answering the Questions

Deploying Windows 10 Enterprise Desktops (16 topics)

  • Overview of Windows 10 Enterprise Deployment
  • Customizing Enterprise Desktop Deployments
  • Deploying Windows 10 by Using the Microsoft Deployment Toolkit
  • Maintaining a Windows 10 Installation
  • Managing Volume License Activation for Windows 10
  • Lab: Building a Reference Image by Using WADK Tools Configuring Custom Windows PE Boot Media
  • Modifying a Custom Answer File by Using Windows SIM
  • Installing a Reference Computer by Using an Answer File
  • Preparing a Reference Computer by Using Sysprep
  • Capturing a Reference Computer
  • Lab: Using MDT to Deploy Windows 10 Desktops
  • Creating and Configuring the MDT Deployment Share
  • Creating a Task Sequence
  • Deploying a Windows 10 Image by Using MDT
  • Lab: Maintaining a Windows 10 Installation using Windows ICD
  • Creating and Configuring a Windows ICD Provisioning Package

Managing User Profiles and User State Virtualization (10 topics)

  • Managing User Profile and User State
  • Implementing User State Virtualization by Using Group Policy
  • Configuring User Experience Virtualization
  • Managing User State Migration
  • Lab: Configuring User Profiles and User State Virtualization
  • Configuring Roaming User Profiles and Folder Redirection
  • Implementing and Configuring UE-V
  • Lab: Migrating User State by Using USMT
  • Creating and Customizing USMT XML Files
  • Capturing and Restoring User State to a Target Computer

Managing Windows 10 Sign-In and Identity (8 topics)

  • Overview of Enterprise Identity
  • Planning for Cloud Identity Integration
  • Lab: Integrating a Microsoft Account with a Domain Account
  • Signing up for a Trial Microsoft Account
  • Connecting a Microsoft Account to a Domain Account
  • Lab: Joining Windows 10 to Azure Active Directory
  • Signing Up for an Azure Active Directory Trial Subscription
  • Joining Windows 10 to Azure Active Directory

Managing Desktop and Application Settings by Using Group Policy (6 topics)

  • Managing Group Policy Objects
  • Configuring Enterprise Desktops Using Group Policy
  • Overview of Group Policy Preferences
  • Lab: Configuring Group Policy Objects and Settings Managing Windows 10 by Using Group Policy
  • Lab: Using Group Policy Preferences to Manage Desktop Settings
  • Configuring Group Policy Preferences to Apply Drive and Printer Mapping

Managing Data Access for Windows-based Devices (9 topics)

  • Overview of Data Access Solutions
  • Implementing Device Registration
  • Implementing Work Folders
  • Managing Online Data Using Cloud-Based Storage Solutions
  • Lab: Configuring Data Access for Non-Domain Joined Devices
  • Implementing Device Registration
  • Configuring Work Folders
  • Lab: Managing Data Access Using OneDrive
  • Configuring OneDrive

Managing Remote Access Solutions (12 topics)

  • Overview of Remote Access Solutions
  • Configuring VPN Access to Remote Networks
  • Using DirectAccess with Windows 10
  • Supporting RemoteApp
  • Lab: Implementing DirectAccess
  • Configuring the DirectAccess Server
  • Configuring the DirectAccess Clients
  • Validating Remote Connectivity
  • Lab: Configuring Azure RemoteApp
  • Creating a RemoteApp Collection
  • Publishing an Application Using Azure RemoteApp
  • Validating Remote Connectivity

Configuring and Managing Client Hyper-V (6 topics)

  • Installing and Configuring Client Hyper-V
  • Configuring Virtual Switches
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Hard Disks
  • Creating and Managing Virtual Machines
  • Lab: Configuring Virtual Machines by Using Client Hyper-V Installing Client Hyper-V
  • Creating a virtual machine

Managing Windows 10 Devices Using Enterprise Mobility Solutions (7 topics)

  • Overview of the Enterprise Mobility Suite
  • Overview of Azure Active Directory Premium
  • Overview of Azure Rights Management
  • Overview of Microsoft Intune
  • Lab: Implementing a Microsoft Intune Subscription
  • Signing Up for a Microsoft Intune Trial Subscription
  • Adding Microsoft Intune Users

Managing Desktop and Mobile Clients Using Microsoft Intune (8 topics)

  • Deploying the Intune Client Software
  • Overview of Microsoft Intune Policies
  • Mobile Device Management Using Intune
  • Lab: Installing the Intune Client Software and Configuring Policies
  • Installing the Intune Client Software
  • Creating Intune Policies
  • Lab: Managing Mobile Devices Using Microsoft Intune
  • Configuring and Enrolling Mobile Devices into Microsoft Intune

Managing Updates and Endpoint Protection Using Microsoft Intune (6 topics)

  • Managing Updates Using Microsoft Intune
  • Managing Endpoint Protection
  • Lab: Managing Updates and Endpoint Protection
  • Using Microsoft Intune
  • Configuring Updates in Microsoft Intune
  • Configuring Endpoint Protection in Microsoft Intune

Application and Resource Access Using Microsoft Intune (7 topics)

  • Overview of Application Management Using Intune
  • The Application Deployment Process
  • Controlling Access to Company Resources
  • Lab: Deploying Applications by Using Microsoft Intune Uploading an Application to Microsoft Intune
  • Deploying an Application to Managed Clients
  • Lab: Managing Resource Access by Using Microsoft Intune Configuring Profile Deployment
  • Configuring Conditional Access Policies


  • At least two years of experience in the IT field.
  • Attended Course M20697-1: Installing and Configuring Windows 10, or have equivalent knowledge.
  • Basic awareness of Windows deployment tools.

Relevant Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA) Windows 10 certification.

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