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As the level of available information in the world increases, the ability to absorb it efficiently has become more and more vital to personal productivity and success.  The people who are achieving serious success today are those who can quickly read, process and apply large quantities of relevant information from reports, books, magazines, newspapers and the Internet.  This full day course covers techniques that will enable you to easily double your reading speed without any reduction of comprehension.

Delegates are required to bring along reading material which is representative of the type of reports, manuals, etc they need to handle at work.  They can then apply techniques learned during the course to this content, which ensures that their objectives will have been fully met. 


  • Gain a ‘new’ and faster way of reading and assimilating written material

  • Learn techniques for more effective eye movement and fixation, which also serve to reduce eye strain when reading

  • Utilise peripheral vision effectively in order to take in larger sections of text

  • Using a metronome, develop high speed conditioning and discover ideal cruise speed

  • Learn specific speed reading techniques such as Skimming and Dipping, Power Reading and Scanning

  • Improve concentration and comprehension, with improved recall at a later time

  • Understand what accelerates reading and what slows it down

Target Audience

Anyone who feels overwhelmed by the amount of written material they face each day.

Additional Information

This speed reading course has been delivered to a wide variety of delegates, both as an inhouse programme and as an open course.  Without exception, delegates have significantly improved their reading speed, which is tested at the beginning of the day and again at the end.  This has even been the case for delegates whose first language is not English.

It is important to note that everyone learns at their own individual pace, so whereas students attending the course who are studying every day are able to take on these new skills very quickly, and often triple their reading speed, others take away the knowledge of what to do and how to do it and continue to improve their reading speed long after the course has finished.

The metaphor is used that this one day speed reading course is very much like the first ever driving lesson.  By the end of the day, they will have gained a degree of competence and be able to read faster but ongoing practice is essential in order to develop that competence into an automatic, polished skill.

In order to demonstrate the real value of the training, delegates are encouraged to bring along examples of the type of documents they are required to read as part of their job role.  They then have the opportunity to apply everything learned to those documents and experience for themselves the difference that their new skill of speed reading makes. Feedback from past programmes has evidenced that time savings achieved by delegates has been considerable and made a very positive difference to personal effectiveness and productivity in the workplace.

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Course Content (6 topics)

  • Current reading speed checked at beginning of the course and again at the end; normally a 100% improvement is achieved
  • An exploration of beliefs about reading, which may have been installed in childhood but which are no longer helpful
  • Experience the effect of different types of music on reading, comprehension and memory
  • Over-viewing material to understand structure and content and 'prime' the mind for the reading input to follow
  • Create mind maps to capture the material read and assist in memorising it
  • Practical exercises in different formats are used throughout the course to enhance delegates' learning

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