SD-WAN, SDN & NFV for Network Operators

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A complete 5-day program for SDN & NFV, with focus on the SD-WAN application. The course comprises critical sections from two of our most popular courses in this topic area, then heads into a technical deep-dive of a key SDN/NFV use case: the Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

The first three days of the course are from PWL400 SDN & NFV Fundamentals. The final two days are focused on SD-WAN. The SD-WAN topics are highlighted in the course description below.


The course includes the standard components of SDN and NFV Fundamentals and Engineering courses, with the added benefit of the following topics for SD-WAN:

  • Is SD-WAN the major SDN/NFV Application?
  • What SD-WAN Reference architectures exist?
  • Investigating the building blocks for SD-WAN
  • Transport-independence of the Underlay Network
  • IP-based Virtual Overlay Network
  • How to ensure service assurance of SD-WAN connections
  • What is Application-Driven Packet Forwarding for SD-WAN connections?
  • Ensuring High Availability of SD-WAN Services
  • Applying Policy-based Packet Forwarding for SD-WAN
  • Do we need WAN Optimization, and how to implement this function
  • What are the SD-WAN Network and Service Components?
  • What are the SD-WAN Deployment Scenarios?
  • Selecting an SD-WAN Solution, a vendor review
  • Next Steps, Opportunities and Challenges for SD-WAN Deployment

Target Audience

Anyone requiring a technical introduction to SDN & NFV including the opensource standards and use cases, but who are also particularly interested in the SD-WAN application. As such this is of strong interest to pre-sales engineers from operators and service providers who need to discuss this use case and the associated options with their customers.


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SDN & NFV Fundamentals

Evolution of Software Defined Networtks (12 topics)

  • The building blocks of modern networks
  • Data Plane Functions
  • Control Plane Functions
  • Distributed Control Planes
  • Centralized Control Plane
  • Management Plane Functions
  • Management protocols and applications
  • Southbound Interfaces (SBI)
  • SNMP
  • Northbound Interfaces (NBI))
  • Issues with current network architectures

SDN Definitions (3 topics)

  • SDN Definitions
  • SDN Market Drivers
  • Summary of SDN Principles

Application-Driven Packet Forwarding (3 topics)

  • Applying application-level classification
  • Ensuring High Availability in SD-WAN Deployments
  • Policy-based Packet Forwarding

SDN Framework (4 topics)

  • SDN Concepts
  • Open Network Foundation (ONF) SDN Vision
  • SDN Architecture
  • Distributed vs Centralized Control Plane

SDN Controller Environment (14 topics)

  • Event Driven Programming Model
  • SDN Southbound Interfaces
  • OpenFlow
  • OpenFlow Architecture
  • OpenFlow Messages
  • OF-Config
  • OF Notifications Framework
  • OpenFlow Implementation Example using Open vSwitch
  • OpenFlow Complementary & Alternative Components
  • PCEP + Link State DB (BGP-LS)
  • SDN Computing Platforms (e.g., RYU, Open Daylight, ONOS...)
  • SDN Northbound Interfaces
  • Controllers Scalability and Redundancy

Virtualization and Network Virtualizations (2 topics)

  • Why Use Virtualization?
  • Network Programming Models

Cloud Computing (17 topics)

  • Architecture of Cloud Computing
  • Principles of Cloud Computing
  • Cloud Computing Services Model
  • Cloud Computing Principles
  • Multi-tier Applications
  • Grid Computing
  • Cloud Computing Definitions
  • Virtual Server and Switch In Cloud Environment
  • Virtual Server
  • Hypervisor Models
  • Virtual Switches
  • Containers
  • Cloud Computing Platform Examples
  • OpenStack Architecture
  • Cloud Computing Network Infrastructure and Protocols
  • EVPN

NFV (8 topics)

  • NFV Definitions
  • Market Drivers for NFV
  • ETSI NFV ISG Models
  • MANO Orchestration Framework
  • Example network virtualization functions use cases
  • SD-WAN
  • vCPE
  • SDN and NFV for Mobile Evolved Packet Core (EPC)

SDN and Cloud Computing Deployment Models (2 topics)

  • SDN Deployment Models
  • Cloud Computing Networking Deployment Models

Evaluation and Review (1 topic)

  • Synergies Between SDN & NFV

SD-WAN Technology and Architecture

What is SD-WAN? (12 topics)

  • What are the fundamental capabilities of SD-WAN services, why do we need them and what are the requirements?
  • Current Enterprise Site Networking
  • How do we currently build enterprise networks?
  • Current Challenges of WAN Technology
  • What issues are associated with WAN connectivity
  • Technology Drivers for SD-WAN, including Technical and Economic.
  • Fundamental Characteristics of SD-WAN
  • What are the core components of SD-WAN and characteristics?
  • SD-WAN Enabling Technologies and Business Drivers (3 topics)
  • SDN & NFV Impact on SD-WAN?
  • Business requirements of SD-WAN
  • SD-WAN Service objectives and opportunities

SD-WAN Architecture, Network and Service Components (22 topics)

  • SD-WAN Architecture, Network and Service Components
  • Transport-independence of the Underlay Network
  • Underlay network technologies and applicability to SD-WAN
  • SD-WAN Controller
  • Service Orchestrator
  • Application-Driven Packet Forwarding
  • Applying application-level classification
  • Ensuring High Availability in SD-WAN Deployments
  • Policy-based Packet Forwarding
  • Securing the SD-WAN Site and Service
  • Securing traffic directly accessing the Internet
  • Meet Government and regulatory compliance
  • Ensure site threat defense mechanisms
  • WAN Optimization
  • Using WAN Optimization to reduce the amount of WAN bandwidth required
  • Service Assurance of SD-WAN Connections
  • Using QoS performance metrics
  • Applying network telemetry principles
  • Applying NFV and SDN to SD-WAN
  • ETSI NFV Framework
  • Service Function Chaining
  • Applicability of SDN and NFV

Deploying SD-WAN (24 topics)

  • SD-WAN Feature Selection and Services
  • Integrating Deployment of vCPE (uCPE) VNFs with SD-WAN
  • How do we select SD-WAN Service Types?
  • SD-WAN Specification and Standards
  • Operator Network User Group (ONUG)
  • Broadband Forum (BBF)
  • Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)
  • MEF SD-WAN Specifications Overview
  • MEF 3.0 SD-WAN Architecture within the LSO Reference Architecture
  • Main SD-WAN Service Use Cases (MEF 3.0 SD-WAN)
  • MEF Peering Across Domains with SD-WAN
  • MEF SD-WAN Proof of Concepts
  • Configuring SD-WAN Services
  • Using NETCONF/YANG to configure and manage SD-WAN
  • SD-WAN Service Attributes
  • SD-WAN Service and VPN Data Models
  • Service Automation via Centralized Management, Control and Orchestration
  • Examples of Deployed Operator SD-WAN Networks
  • SD-WAN Vendor Review
  • OpenSource SD-WAN Activities
  • Next Steps for SD-WAN
  • How is SD-WAN evolving?
  • Ongoing technology, interoperability and stability challenges
  • Impact on Internet of Everything, 5G and Beyond

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Course was very well outlined. Topics were great and bridged many gaps.”

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An excellent intro to video encoding & MPEG transport streams - I would definitely recommend it.”

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Excellent training course with real examples and practical classroom demonstrations.”

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