Check Point Security Administration NGX III

4 Day Course
Hands On
Official Check Point Curriculum

This course has been retired in favour of the newer R65 course.


In the labs you will gain hands-on experience in: (16 topics)

  • Collecting configuration files from an NGX installation
  • Review and analyzing cpinfo output in InfoView
  • Using GuiDBedit to create services and objects, and modify an object's global properties
  • Using fw logswitch to switch active and audit logs
  • Using fwm logexport to export logs
  • Comparing client- and server-side NAT using fw monitor
  • Using fwm and cpd debugging to troubleshoot a stand-alone installation problem
  • Generating and interpreting a file containing fw ctl pstat information
  • Using fw stat to verify a Gateway's Policy installed status
  • Using fw unloadlocal to uninstall a Security Policy
  • Using fwm load to install a Policy
  • Running ike debug on Gateways, and analyzing output using IKEview
  • Observing IKE by running ike debug
  • Running srfw monitor on a SecureClient desktop
  • Configuring route-based VPNs for VPN redundancy
  • Configuring dynamic routing using OSPF through VPN tunnels


Delegates must already have attended Check Point Security Administration NGX I Rev 1.1 and Check Point Security Administration NGX II Rev 1.1

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