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The large-scale deployment of IP-connected sensors, monitors and actuators, in the home and in industry, enables the development of new interconnected, interoperable servcies which hold the potential to transform our daily lives.

M2M technologies offer a vision of mash-up applications founded in reality, utilising multiple new sources of information, in contrast to the virtual world of mash-up web services. This vision is often referred to as "The Internet of Things", but it's not the connected things which are important. Instead, what is important is the information which they provide us and how we combine and present and use this information and how we make decisions based upon it.

The Internet of Things offers a technical viewpoint, we must also look beyond that to see the societal impact, to understand how we will make use of this technology to change our lives for the better.

A key feature of this vision of the future is the variety and range of technologies, functionalities and requirements which we need to take into account. During this course we will aim to address these issues and expalin the options for both architecture, protocol and standards.


Upon completion of this course the delegate will be able to;

  • Explain the concept of M2M
  • Explain the applications, services and architecture of M2M
  • Explain M2M vs IoT
  • Understand M2M Communications
  • Explain the wireless communications methods available to M2M networks
  • Describe the Service Layer of M2M
  • Understand the M2M Platform
  • Explain the use of ETSI APIs
  • Understand ETSI Interfaces
  • Describe Smart Metering Use Cases
  • Describe the M2M Security Threats
  • Understand M2M 

Target Audience

This course is designed to target engineers working within the wireless environment and within the M2M arena, it will enhance and increase their knowledge of M2M.

The course will also benefit engineers, support staff and management working within wireless, mobile and M2M industries.


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Introduction to M2M (4 topics)

  • What is M2M?
  • The Business of M2M
  • Accelerating M2M Maturity
  • M2M Standards

The Business of M2M (7 topics)

  • The M2M Market
  • The M2M Market Adoption; Drivers & Barriers
  • The M2M Value Chain
  • Market Size Projections
  • Business Model
  • M2M Business Metrics
  • Market Evolution

Lessoned Learned from early M2M Deployments (18 topics)

  • Early M2M Operational deployments
  • Data Collection & Exchange
  • CS Domain Services
  • PS Domain Bearers
  • Device Triggering by the M2M Server
  • Sending a specific SMS to the device
  • An unanswered voice call
  • Network-Requested PDP Context Activation (NRPCA)
  • Early M2M Operational Deployments Examples
  • Vehicle-tracking
  • Smart Technology
  • SMS Solutions
  • GPRS Solutions
  • Healthcare Monitoring
  • Surveillance & Security
  • Point-of-Sale & Automatic Teller Machines
  • Congestion & Overload
  • Shortage of Identification & Addressing Resources

M2M Architecture and Protocols (10 topics)

  • M2M Requirements & High-Level Architectural Principles
  • Use-Case-Driven Approach in ETSI M2M
  • Smart Metering Approach in ETSI M2M
  • eHealth Approach in ETSI M2M
  • ETSI M2M Service Requirements
  • High-Level Summary & Applicability to Different Market Segments
  • Traffic Models & Characteristics Approach to M2M
  • Description of M2M Market Segments/Applications
  • M2M Traffic Characteristics
  • High-Level Architecture Principles for M2M Communications

ETSI M2M Services Architecture (14 topics)

  • High-level System Architecture
  • ETSI TC M2M Service Capabilities Framework
  • ETSI TC M2M Release 1 Scenarios
  • Gateway
  • Device
  • Device`
  • Gateway`
  • Legacy Cases
  • ETSI M2M Service Capabilities
  • Reachability
  • Addressing
  • Repository Capabilities
  • Security Capability
  • Introduction to REST

M2M over a Telecommunications Network (5 topics)

  • M2M Communication Scenarios
  • Device to Server
  • Device to Device
  • Mobile or Fixed Networks?
  • Different Applications need different communications

M2M & Networking Requirements (16 topics)

  • M2M Communications
  • Overview of Wireless Communications systems:
  • RFID
  • NFC
  • ZigBee
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11)
  • WiMAX (IEEE 802.16)
  • Satellite Comms
  • Cellular
  • Details of Cellular;
  • 2G GSM/GPRS Overview
  • 3G LTE/SAE (4G)
  • 3GPP2 EV DO
  • All IP Core Networks & M2M

Traffic Models-/Characteristics-Approach to Network Design (8 topics)

  • Why focus on Wireless Networks?
  • M2M Market Segments
  • M2M Traffic Characterisation for;
  • Smart Metering
  • Global Traffic
  • 2G Traffic
  • 3G Traffic
  • 4G Traffic

Network Optimisation for M2M (10 topics)

  • 3GPP Standards for M2M
  • Reduced Resources when not sending
  • Avoid network signalling
  • Reduced peaks in user data
  • M2M Value Added Services
  • Higher QoS & Priorities
  • Device Management
  • Connection Monitoring
  • Fraud Control
  • Secure Connections

Numbering, Addressing & Identifiers (14 topics)

  • E.164 Numbers
  • Other Identifiers
  • IMSI
  • IMEI
  • IP Addressing
  • Triggering Optimisation
  • The Basics of Triggering
  • Triggering using Mobile-Terminated SMS
  • Triggering using IMS Messages
  • Triggering using Cell Broadcast
  • Triggering via HSS & non-access stratum (NAS) signalling
  • Triggering via network-requested PDP context activation (NRPCA)

M2M Architecture & Vertical Case Studies (15 topics)

  • M2M protocols
  • What is SmartM2M?
  • Interoperability Test Specification for ETSI M2M
  • ETSI's mIa, dIa and mId interfaces
  • Interworking between the M2M Architecture and M2M Area Network technologies
  • M2M Functional architecture
  • Interoperability Test Specification for CoAP Binding of ETSI M2M Primitives
  • Machine to Machine communications (M2M); Use cases of Automotive Applications in M2M capable networks
  • BBF TR-069 compatible Management Objects for ETSI M2M
  • OMA DM compatible Management Objects for ETSI M2M
  • Applicability of M2M architecture to Smart Grid Networks; Impact of Smart Grids on M2M platform
  • Machine to Machine (M2M); Threat analysis and counter measures to M2M service layer
  • Smart Metering Use Cases
  • ETSI Use Cases of M2M applications for eHealth
  • ETSI Use Cases of M2M applications for Connected Consumer

The Role of IP in M2M & M2M Protocols (17 topics)

  • IPv6 in Brief
  • Neighbour Discovery Protocol
  • IPv6 in M2M
  • 6LoWPAN
  • Routing Protocol for Low-Power & Lossy Networks (RPL)
  • Interface ID
  • Neighbour Discovery
  • Overview of M2M protocols
  • Component based M2M reference model
  • M2M service layer
  • M2M Platforms
  • Reference points of the M2M service layer
  • APIs and protocols for M2M
  • ITU-T's M2M API overview
  • Design approach for M2M service layer APIs
  • Other APIs and protocols for M2M service layer
  • M2M protocol structure and stacks

Overload & Congestion Control (6 topics)

  • Overload & Congestion Control Mechanisms
  • Network Overload Control for Mobile Devices configured with "Low Access Priority"
  • Generic Core Network Mobility Management Congestion Control
  • Selective Throttling of Downlink for M2M Devices in Idle Mode
  • Application-specific Congestion Control
  • Optimisation to Prevent Overload from Network reselection

M2M Terminals & Modules (9 topics)

  • M2M Module Categorisation
  • Hardware Interfaces
  • Physical Form Factors
  • USB & UART
  • UICC
  • Temperature & Durability
  • Services
  • Software Interface
  • Cellular Certification

Smart Cards in M2M Communications (8 topics)

  • Security & Privacy Issues
  • The Grounds for Hardware-based Security solutions
  • Independent Secure elements & Trusted Environments
  • Specific Smart Card Properties for M2M Environment
  • e-SIM & e-UICC architectures setup
  • ETSI TS 103 383 for Embedded UICC
  • SIM Alliance Specifications
  • Remote Administration of M2M Secure Elements

Low Power Wireless Access Networks (4 topics)

  • 3GPP Release 13 Narrow-Band (NB) - IoT - Low Power Wireless Access (LPWA) Networks
  • GSMA work on LPWA
  • Typical Architecture
  • Partners & Vendor support

M2M Security (33 topics)

  • Trust Relationships in the M2M Ecosystem
  • Security Requirements
  • Which Types of Solutions are Suitable
  • M2m security framework
  • M2M security measures
  • Passive, reactive and active security measures for wireless M2M solutions.
  • M2M access and core security
  • M2M security protocols and architecture
  • Engineering of end-to-end security architecture
  • Embedded MIMs (Machine Identification Modules)
  • Attacks on our connected machines
  • Security threats for M2M
  • Example of security vulnerabilities
  • Physical attacks
  • Compromise of Credentials comprising brute force
  • Attacks on tokens and (weak) authentication algorithms
  • Physical intrusion
  • Side-channel attacks
  • Malicious cloning of authentication tokens
  • Attacks on Machine Communication Identity Module (MCIM)
  • Configuration Attacks such as fraudulent software update/configuration changes
  • Protocol attacks on the device
  • Man-in-the-middle attacks upon first network access
  • Denial-of-service (DoS) attacks
  • Attacks on the access and core networks
  • Traffic tunnelling between impersonated devices
  • DoS attacks against the core network
  • Attacks on the radio access network, using a rogue device
  • User Data and Identity Privacy Attacks
  • Eavesdropping on BLE, ZigBee
  • Eavesdropping on GSM. GPRS, UTRAN or EUTRAN
  • Introduction of Trusted Environment
  • Requirements, Functionality and Interfaces

IoT Technologies & Architecture (7 topics)

  • Devices & Gateways
  • Local & Wide Area Networking
  • Data Management
  • Business Processes in IoT
  • Everything as a Service (XaaS)
  • M2M & IoT Analytics
  • Knowledge Management

IoT Architecture - State of the Art (6 topics)

  • State of the Art
  • Reference Model & Architecture
  • Functional View
  • Information View
  • Deployment & Operational View
  • Other Relevant architectural views

IoT Use Cases (18 topics)

  • Asset Management;
  • e-Maintenance
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Industrial Automation;
  • Service-oriented architecture-based device integration
  • SOCRADES: realising the enterprise integrated Web of Things
  • IMC-AESOP: from the Web of Things to the Cloud of Things
  • The Smart Grid:
  • Smart Metering
  • Smart House
  • Smart Energy City
  • Commercial Building Automation;
  • Case Studies of now and the future
  • Smart Cities;
  • Roles, Actors & engagement
  • Transport and Logistics
  • Participatory Sensing;
  • Roles, actors and engagement

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