Security Infrastructure in 3G LTE Networks

5 Day Course
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The Mobile Environment (5 topics)

  • Introduction to the GSM Network Architecture
  • The GPRS Overlay Architecture
  • 3GPP Standards Organisation
  • The 3G UMTS Network Architecture
  • Basic Introduction to GSM & UMTS Air interfaces

GSM Security (4 topics)

  • Principles of GSM Security
  • The role of the SIM
  • Mechanisms of GSM Security
  • GSM Cryptographic Algorithms

3rd Generation Security (6 topics)

  • Principle of 3G Security
  • 3rd Generation Security Mechanisms
  • 3rd Generation Cryptographic Algorithms
  • Interworking between GSM and 3rd Generation Security
  • Network Domain Security
  • Architectures with RNCs in exposed locations

3G - WLAN Interworking (3 topics)

  • Principles of 3G - WLAN Interworking
  • Security Mechanisms of 3G - WLAN Interworking
  • Cryptographic Algorithms for 3G - WLAN Interworking

The Evolved Packet System (EPS) (6 topics)

  • The EPS Network Architecture
  • 3G LTE Air Interface
  • The System Architecture Evolution (SAE) Core Network Architecture
  • The All IP Concept of 4G
  • The IMS Platform
  • Common 4G Procedures

EPS (4G) Security Architecture (4 topics)

  • Overview and Relevant Specifications
  • Requirements and Features of EPS Security
  • Design Decisions
  • Platform Security for Base Stations

4G EPS Procedures & Protocols (8 topics)

  • EPS Interfaces
  • EPS Protocols
  • The use of DIAMETER & 3GPP AVPs
  • the S1AP Interface
  • Initial Attach Procedure
  • The use of GTP-C & GTP-U
  • Setting up the Default EPS Bearer

EPS Authentication & Key Agreement (4 topics)

  • Identification
  • EPS Authentication & Key Agreement Procedure
  • Key Hierarchy
  • Security Contexts

EPS Protection for Signalling & User Data (6 topics)

  • Security Algorithm Negotiation
  • NAS Signalling Protection
  • NAS Signalling & User Data Protection
  • Security on Network Interfaces
  • Certificate Enrolment for Base Stations
  • Emergency Call Handling

Security in Intra-LTE State Transition & Mobility (6 topics)

  • Transitions to & from Registered State
  • Transition between Idle & Connected States
  • Idle State Mobility
  • Handover
  • Key change on the Fly
  • Periodic Local Authentication Procedure

Interworking Security between EPS & Other Systems (2 topics)

  • Interworking with GSM & 3G Networks
  • Interworking with non-3GPP Networks

Analysis of Network Elements & Vunerabilities (2 topics)

  • Generic LTE Network Element Vunerabilities
  • Huawei Specific Implications

Voice in the EPS Environment (6 topics)

  • Voice Options
  • VoLTE
  • CSFB
  • Emergency Call Handling
  • Sample Call Scenario Examples

Security for Voice in LTE (3 topics)

  • Methods for providing Voice over LTE
  • Security Mechanisms for VoLTE
  • Rich Communication Suite & VoLTE

Security foor Home Base Station Deployment (7 topics)

  • Security Architecture, Threats & Deployment
  • Security Features
  • Internal Security Procedures for HNB
  • Security between HNB & Security Gateway
  • Security Aspects of the HNB Management
  • Closed Subscriber Groups & Emergency Call Handling
  • Support for Subscriber Mobility

Relay Node Security (2 topics)

  • Overview of Relay Node Architecture
  • Security Solution

Security for Machine-Type Communications (3 topics)

  • Security for MTYC at the Application Lever
  • Security for MTC at the 3GPP Network Level
  • Security for MTC at the Credential Management Level

DIAMETER Security (4 topics)

  • The IMS Platform Security
  • HSS Security
  • DIAMETER Security Aspects
  • DIAMETER & Billing Security

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