Outlook 2003 Level 2

1 Day Course
Hands On
Code DOL03L2

This course has been retired. Please view currently available User Microsoft Office Training Courses.


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Lesson 2: Setting Calendar Options (3 topics)

  • Topic 2A: Set Work Days and Times
  • Topic 2B: Display Other Time Zones
  • Topic 2C: Set Free/Busy Options

Lesson 3: Setting Message Options (6 topics)

  • Topic 3A: Modify Message Settings
  • Topic 3B: Modify Delivery Options
  • Topic 3C: Modify Message Formats
  • Topic 3D: Notify Others that You will be Out of the Office
  • Topic 3E: Create and Modify a Distribution List
  • Topic 3F: Insert a Hyperlink

Lesson 4: Sharing Folder Information (3 topics)

  • Topic 4A: Specify Folder Permissions
  • Topic 4B: Access Another User's Folder
  • Topic 4C: Delegate Access To Folders

Lesson 5: Managing Tasks (4 topics)

  • Topic 5A: Assign a Task
  • Topic 5B: Reply to a Task Request
  • Topic 5C: Send a Task Update
  • Topic 5D: Track Assigned Tasks

Lesson 6: Customizing Outlook (4 topics)

  • Topic 6A: Customize the Toolbar
  • Topic 6B: Create a New Toolbar
  • Topic 6C: Customize the Menu
  • Topic 6D: Create a Folder Home Page

Lesson 7: Locating Outlook Items (6 topics)

  • Topic 7A: Sort Messages Using Multiple Criteria
  • Topic 7B: Find Messages
  • Topic 7C: Find Messages Using Multiple Criteria
  • Topic 7D: Filter Messages
  • Topic 7E: Organize Messages
  • Topic 7F: Manage Junk Email

Lesson 1: Tracking Work Activities Using the Journal (3 topics)

  • Topic 1A: Record a Journal Entry Automatically
  • Topic 1B: Manually Record a Journal Entry
  • Topic 1C: Modify a Journal Entry


Before taking this course, students are required to take: Windows XP Professional: Level 1 Windows XP Professional: Level 2 Windows XP: Introduction or Windows 2000: Introduction Microsoft Outlook 2003: Level 1

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