Administering IBM Lotus Dom 6: Building the Infrastructure

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum
Code LND760

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM Lotus Training Courses.


Course content: (23 topics)

  • Plan a basic Domino infrastructure
  • Install the Domino server software
  • Set up the first Domino server
  • Create a database to track Domino/Notes licenses
  • Create a additional certifiers for servers and users per an established naming scheme
  • Create server IDs per an established naming scheme
  • Set up servers in the Domino domain per an established naming scheme
  • Create user groups
  • Create Organisational policy
  • Create internal Domino user IDs per an established naming scheme
  • Install the Notes workstation software
  • Add workstations to a Domino Domain
  • Specify administration preferences
  • Allow/restrict server access
  • Allow administrators access to the Domino Directory
  • Create a group for server replication
  • Set up the replication schedule to synchronize Domino system databases in the domain
  • Configure intranet Domino mail routing
  • Establish a mail routing schedule
  • Enable SMTP routing
  • Configure basic and advanced settings for SMTP routing
  • Restrict mail flow to and from the Internet
  • Enable message controls


Completion of the following IBM Lotus Domino 6 courses or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience:
  • Administering IBM Lotus Domino 6: Operating Fundamentals