M2287: Managing Your Infrastructure Using MS Operations Manager 2005

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This course will teach systems engineers to install, configure, secure, maintain, and troubleshoot MOM. It will assume that Active Directory is up and functioning properly. It will focus on the medium to large environment. 

Module 1 explains how to plan for business requirements, determine the appropriate number of MOM servers, and determine the server locations

Module 2 explains how to create the needed accounts and run the MOM installation wizard.

Module 3 explains how to plan and create the MOM management group.

Module 4 explains how to plan and create the MOM management group.

Module 5 explains how to manage rules, alerts, and resolve configuration issues.

Module 6 explains how to manage collected data by using the reporting console, predefined reports, and the

web console.

Module 7 explains how to configure multiple management servers to scale your management solution across the organization.

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Module 1: Plan a MOM Infrastructure (10 topics)

  • Determine the business requirements for a MOM deployment
  • Collect information about the current infrastructure
  • Determine what services need to be monitored
  • Determine the number of managed servers
  • Determine the number of agent-less managed servers
  • Determine the number of required management servers
  • Determine the number of management groups
  • Determine the location of management servers
  • Determine the location for the SQL database
  • Determine which management server will be the reporting server

Module 2: Install MOM (4 topics)

  • Create necessary user accounts
  • Run the MOM 2005 Setup Wizard to install MOM
  • Verify MOM Installation

Module 3: Configure the MOM Management Group (5 topics)

  • Configure the management server
  • Configure agents
  • Import management packs
  • Create additional computer groups (if necessary)
  • Create computer attributes

Module 4: Install Agents (6 topics)

  • Discover computers
  • Configure computer discovery rules
  • Determine whether a discovered computer will be managed or unmanaged
  • Create managed servers
  • Install agents
  • Designate a server as agentless

Module 5: Manage MOM Managed Servers (7 topics)

  • View computer states
  • Take action on events
  • Take action on alerts
  • Take action on performance data
  • Managing rules
  • Troubleshoot and resolve configuration issues
  • Determine which management server will be the reporting server

Module 6: Managing Collected Data (5 topics)

  • Install the Reporting console
  • Generate predefined reports
  • Use the Reporting console to view reports
  • Use the Web console to view reports
  • Analyze reports to identify specific problems

Module 7: Configure Multiple Management Servers (4 topics)

  • Install additional MOM management servers
  • Configure MOM for a multiple domain environment
  • Maintain a MOM database
  • Back up and restore a database


Before attending this course, students must have:
  • A+ certification, or equivalent knowledge
  • Network+ certification, or equivalent knowledge
  • MCSA certification, or equivalent knowledge

Prerequisite Certifications

  • CompTIA A+ certification validates the latest skills needed by today's computer support professionals. It is an international, vendor-neutral certification recognized by major hardware and software ve...
  • The CompTIA Network+ certification is the global standard for professionals with at least nine months of experience in network support or administration. Network+ Certification demonstrates technical ...

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