Deploying Open Enterprise Server

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official MicroFocus (Previously Novell) Curriculum
Code N3059

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Novell Netware Training Courses.


Course Content: (8 topics)

  • Evaluating the benefits of using Novell Open Enterprise Server
  • Upgrading an existing NetWare 6.5 server to OES Netware
  • Installing Novell OES Linux
  • Managing Novell OES servers in a mixed OS environment
  • Implementing infrastructure services
  • Configuring authentication to an OES Linux server through eDirectory
  • Implementing Novell OES storage services
  • Implementing end user services including iPrint, eGuide and Virtual Office


The primary audience for this course is NetWare Administrators with some NetWare 6.x training or experience, who want to implement Novell services in a mixed OES NetWare and OES Linux server environment. While familiarity with SUSE LINUX (or other Linux distribution) is not required, Novell recommends Novell Certified Linux Professional (Novell CLP) certification, or equivalent knowledge of SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server.