DESGN: Designing for Cisco Internetwork Solutions

5 Day Course
Official Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cisco Design CCDP & CCDA Training Courses.


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Applying a Methodology to Network Design (4 topics)

  • Identifying Organizational Network Policies and Procedures
  • Examining Organizational Network Requirements
  • Characterizing the Existing Networks
  • Completing the Network Design

Stucturing and Modularizing the Network Hierarchy (3 topics)

  • Designing the Network Hierarchy
  • Using a Modular Approach in Network Design
  • Evaluating Network Services and Solutions within Modular Networks

Designing Basic Campus-Switched Networks (2 topics)

  • Reviewing the Campus Design Methodolgy
  • Selecting Campus Design Models

Designing and Enterprise WAN (2 topics)

  • Reviewing the Enterprise Edge Design Methodology
  • Selecting Enterprise Edge Technologies

Designing IP Addressing for the Network (2 topics)

  • Designing IP Addressing
  • Introducing the IPV6

Selecting Routing Protocols for a Network (3 topics)

  • Evaluating Routing Protocol Selection Criteria for a Network
  • Assessing Routing Protocol Features
  • Designing a Routing Protocol Deployment

Evaluating Security Solutions for the Network (3 topics)

  • Identifying Attacks and Selecting Countermeasures
  • Identifying Security Mechanisms for a Defined Security Policy
  • Selecting Security Solutions within Network Modules

Designing Networks for Voice Transport (4 topics)

  • Reviewing Traditional Voice Architectures and Features
  • Integrating Voice Architectures
  • Identifying the Requirements of Voice Technologies
  • Planning Capacity Using Voice Traffic Engineering

Applying Basic Network Management Design Concepts (3 topics)

  • Identifying Network Management Protocols and Features
  • Reviewing Functional Areas of Network Management
  • Managing Service Levels within a Network


  • ICND1 is now required to achieve the CCDA certification.
  • It is recommended that delegates have attended their CCNP in Routing and Switching before starting the design curriculum.

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