BSCI: Building Scalable Cisco Internetworks

5 Day Course
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This course has been replaced by the ROUTE course.


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Advanced IP Addressing (4 topics)

  • Purpose of Address Planning
  • Hierarchical Addressing using Variable-Length Subnet Masks
  • Route Summarization and Classless Interdomain Routing
  • Understanding IPv6

Routing Principles (3 topics)

  • IP Routing Overview
  • Characteristics of Routing Protocols
  • IP Routing Protocol Comparison

Configuring EIGRP (6 topics)

  • EIGRP Overview
  • EIGRP Operations
  • EIGRP Dual
  • Configuring and Verifying EIGRP
  • Advanced EIGRP Configuration Operations
  • EIGRP in a Scalable Network

Configuring OSPF (8 topics)

  • OSPF Proctocol Overview
  • OSPF Packet Types
  • Configuring Basic OSPF
  • OSPF Network Types
  • Types of OSPF Routers and Link -State Advertisements
  • OSPF Route Summarization Techniques
  • OSPF Special Area Types
  • OSPF Virtual Links

Configuring IS-IS (5 topics)

  • Overview of IS-IS Routing and CLNS
  • Understanding CLSN Addressing
  • Basic Operations of IS-IS in A CLNS Environment
  • Basic Operations of Integrated IS-IS in an IP and CLNS Environment
  • Configuring Basic Integrated IS-IS

Manipulating Routing Updates (6 topics)

  • Migration and Route Selection between multiple IP Routing Protocols
  • Configuring and verifying Route Redistribution
  • Controlling Routing Update Traffic
  • Using Route Maps to Control Routing Updates
  • Using Administrative Distance to Influence the Route Selection Process
  • Policy-Based Routing

Configuring Basic BGP (7 topics)

  • BGP Overview
  • BGP Concepts and Terminology
  • Basic BGP Operations
  • BGP Route Summarization
  • BGP Path Selection Process
  • Basic BGP Path Manipulation Using Route Maps
  • Design Options for Multihoming


- Valid CCNA This course is intended for network administrators and technicians; customers or channel resellers; network support staff and candidates for CCNP, CCDP, CCIP and CCIE certifications.

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