M2547: Advanced Windows Application Development with Visual Studio 2005

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This two-day instructor-led workshop provides students with the knowledge and skills to develop advanced Microsoft Windows Forms applications using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. The workshop focuses on user interfaces, program structure, and implementation details.

Elements of this syllabus are subject to change.

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Building MDI Applications (3 topics)

  • Windows Forms Layout Options.
  • What Are MDI Applications?

Customizing Windows Forms and Controls (3 topics)

  • What Are the Methods of Authoring Controls for Windows Forms?
  • Ways to Draw a User Interface by Using GDI+.
  • Creating a Nonrectangular Windows Form.

Creating Customized Print Components (2 topics)

  • Printing Features that Are Supported by .NET Framework 2.0.
  • Drawing Print Document Content by Using GDI+.

Performing Drag-and-Drop Operations and Implementing Clipboard Support (2 topics)

  • Drag-and-Drop Operations in Windows Forms Applications.
  • Adding Clipboard Support in Windows Forms Applications.

Performing Asynchronous Tasks by Using Multithreaded Techniques (2 topics)

  • Asynchronous Programming in Windows Forms Applications.
  • Creating Thread-Safe Applications.

Enhancing the Presentation of Windows Forms Applications (3 topics)

  • Enhancing Application User Interfaces.
  • Customizing the DataGridView Control.
  • Application Settings and the PropertyGrid Control.


Before attending this workshop, students must:
  • Have attended or studied Workshop 2546A, Core Windows Forms Technologies with Visual Studio 2005 or possess equivalent knowledge and skills.
  • Be able to manage a solution environment using the Visual Studio 2005 integrated development environment (IDE) and tools.
  • Be able to program an application using a Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 compliant language, including the use of delegates and events.
  • Understand advanced concepts including serialization, reflection, application domains, and multithreading.

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