Adobe Photoshop CS3: Professional Retouching

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Adobe Curriculum
Code MT091

This course has been retired in favour of the CS4 and CS5 versions.


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Developing a Retouching Strategy (5 topics)

  • Ascertaining the level of retouching required
  • Completing or understanding a Retouch Request form
  • Marking up a Face Retouch image
  • Marking up a Body Retouch image
  • Developing a retouching workflow

Correcting Tone, Exposure and Colour (5 topics)

  • Working with RAW files
  • Adopting a non-destructive approach to editing
  • Correcting exposure problems
  • Correcting tone problems
  • Correcting colour problems

Retouching Faces (14 topics)

  • Removing distracting elements and backgrounds
  • Lessening facial blemishes
  • Softening lines
  • Smoothing skin tone
  • Accentuating the inner eye - whites, pupils and the iris
  • Enhancing catchlights
  • Reshaping eyes
  • Cleaning eyebrows
  • Building eye lashes
  • Enhancing makeup
  • Building lips and removing lines
  • Removing dark roots
  • Adding hair highlights and lowlights
  • Soft focus portrait effects

Retouching Bodies (6 topics)

  • Lessening lumps, bumps and skin folds
  • Removing scars, veins and tattoos
  • Healing blemishes
  • Slimming contours
  • Evening out skin tone
  • Adding the perfect tan

Useful Third Party Plug-Ins