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Video, TV and Image technology today dominates Internet Services. Whether it be for live TV, Streamed movies or video clips within social media video images are everywhere. The long-term efficiency of services depends upon the methods and mechanisms used to encode these services. We have relied upon the developments from the Digital Video Broadcast industry, ISO, MPEG and the ITU to provide us with standard ways to achieve this. However the patent royalty cost is now considered to be holding back this efficient development.
All commercial users of the normal encoding used such as H.264, H.265, HEVC and other standardised codecs are required to pay royalties for using this technology through a firm of US patent Lawyers known as MPEG-LA. Each new ITU-T standard encoding requires new and increased payments.

The Alliance for Open Media is founded by leading Internet companies focused on developing next-generation media formats, codecs and technologies in the public interest.  The new Alliance is committing its collective technology and expertise to meet growing Internet demand for top-quality video, audio, imagery and streaming across devices of all kinds and for users worldwide. The aim is to develop royalty free standardized encoding based upon the technology contributed by its members.

This course provides a technical study of Video Coding and the technologies which the developing Open Media implementations are based upon.
These include Google’s VP8/VP9 and their eventual VP10, Cisco Thor, and Mozilla Daala. It will examine some of the key video encoding technologies and some of the patent aspects that are key to success.

No prior background in Video or TV encoding will be assumed and the course will concentrate upon functional aspects and technology comparisons rather than in the construction of the code. Hands-on exercises will provide demonstrations of the techniques that are used and some examples of implementations will be considered.


When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the evolution and architecture of Video Coding
  • Consider the options for digital video encapsulation and transport
  • Describe the standardized transform encoding and compare this with Open Media and other encoders
  • Identify how bandwidth reductions are achieved with intra and inter coding techniques
  • Examine key profiles, tiers and levels of encoding and their implications


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Evolution of Standardised Digital Video and Image (12 topics)

  • Open Encoding
  • Why Open Media is Important
  • Some aspects of Patents
  • MPEG-LA Patent Pool
  • HEVC Advance Patent Pool
  • Requirements for techniques used in Open Encoding
  • Evolution of Video Encoding Standards
  • IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) Activity
  • Possible Sources for Open Media
  • Google's VP8/VP9/VP10
  • Cisco Thor
  • Mozilla Daala

Colour Television, Video and Image Basics (8 topics)

  • Still and Moving Images
  • Pixel colour depth
  • Progressive encoding, Interlacing and Deinterlacing
  • Digitally-Encoded Video Pictures
  • Formats: 4:2:2, 4:2:0, CIF, QSIF: The Signals
  • Digital Systems using YCbCr formats
  • Capture of Images
  • Colour Rendering

Video Transport (6 topics)

  • Transfer over Transports
  • ISO MP4
  • H.222.0 MPEG Transport
  • Streaming Transport over HTTP/TCP
  • Manifests and segmentation

Key Encoding Design and Key Concepts (20 topics)

  • Encoding algorithm structure
  • Video Coding Layer
  • Coding Tree Units (CTU) and Coding Tree Blocks (CTB)
  • Deriving Coding Blocks (CB) and Coding Units (CU)
  • Splitting CTUs into CBs and forming CUs
  • Prediction Units (PU) and Prediction Blocks (PB)
  • Transform Units (TU) and Transform Blocks (TB)
  • Selecting the Transforms to be used
  • Motion Vector Signalling
  • Motion Compensation Filters
  • Intra-Prediction
  • Quantization Control
  • Entropy Coding Enhancements
  • CABAC coding
  • In-loop Deblocking Filtering
  • Sample Adaptive Offset (SAO)
  • Parallel Decoding Syntax
  • Modified Slice Structuring
  • Tiles
  • Wave-front Parallel Processing (WPP)

Profiles, Tiers, Levels and Conformance (5 topics)

  • Applying encoding to different devices
  • Profiles of an encoder specification
  • Baseline, Main, High compared
  • Application to 4K and 8K
  • Conformance Specifications

Google VP8/VP9/VP10 (8 topics)

  • VP9 and WebM on YouTube
  • Next Gen Open Video (NGOV) and VP-Next
  • Evolution from VP8/VP9 to VP10
  • The VP9 profiles: profile 0, profile 1, profile 2, and profile 3
  • VP9 and VP10 Code
  • VP9 encoding using FFMPEG
  • BigE VP9 hardware encoder
  • Hands-on Exercise encoding using ffmpeg

Mozilla Daala (7 topics)

  • Architecture of Mozilla Daala
  • Innovations in Daala
  • Coding Tools for a Next Generation Video Codec
  • Time Domain Lapped Transform Coding
  • Pyramid Vector Quantization Coding
  • IPR License Terms
  • Hands-on Encoding using Daala

Cisco Thor (10 topics)

  • IETF Drafts
  • Thor video codec Structure
  • Super Blocks and Coding Blocks
  • Frame Boundaries
  • Intra Prediction
  • Inter Prediction and Reference Frames
  • Motion Vector Coding
  • Loop Filtering and De-blocking
  • Entropy coding
  • High Level Syntax

Conclusions and Implementation Considerations (6 topics)

  • Likely efficiency improvements
  • Open source developments
  • Sample encoded content
  • Sample players
  • Early Encoders
  • Patents and Licensing

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