Developing High Performing Teams

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Building and managing teams can be a daunting task. Getting the team to the performing stage is an on-going challenge; keeping them there is even greater. This course can be delivered as a stand alone course or form part of the 'management development programme'.


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Team Effectiveness (3 topics)

  • This module considers the factors of effective and ineffective teams:
  • how to identify symptoms that show if the team is effective or ineffective
  • addressing the factors as the starting point of developing a high performance team

The Ten Team Performance Factors (10tpf) (4 topics)

  • This module generates an understanding of the ten factors that make a team perform well:
  • how to address the ten performance factors
  • measuring the effectiveness of each factor and developing action plans
  • aiming to build a truly congruent team

Team Behaviours and Dynamics (5 topics)

  • This module addresses the behavioural aspects of team dynamics:
  • functional behaviours within the team
  • task behaviours and maintenance behaviours and why we need both
  • dysfunctional behaviours and their underlying reason/cause
  • the negative power of dysfunctional behaviour within the team

Dealing with Conflict (5 topics)

  • This module considers different types of conflict and the reasons behind them:
  • why conflict within teams exists
  • recognising that some conflict can have positive outcomes
  • how to understand conflict - using the perceptual position model
  • conflict handling strategies

Team Purpose Analysis (4 topics)

  • This module identifies the team's real purpose or ' raison d'ªtre':
  • understanding the team purpose analysis and its use
  • using the team purpose analysis to build the performing team
  • what happens when the team purpose analysis is incongruent and how to take corrective action



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