Ubuntu Canonical OpenStack Installation and Configuration

3 Day Course
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This is an intensive hands-on course teaching the installation, configuration and operation of the Ubuntu Canonical distribution of an OpenStack cloud.


After the completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the rationale, purpose and structure for the OpenStack cloud
  • Appreciate the benefits of Ubuntu’s approach to OpenStack
  • Utilise MAAS – Hardware provisioning with Metal as a service
  • Benefit from Juju – applications, anywhere, instantly
  • Configure a Ubuntu OpenStack cloud


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OpenStack Overview (3 topics)

  • Overview of OpenStack
  • Project history and releases
  • Core projects overview

OpenStack Architecture (10 topics)

  • OpenStack Components Overview
  • Component Integration
  • Keystone - provides the identity service
  • Swift - object storage
  • Glance - stores metadata of images
  • Cinder - block-level storage
  • Nova - Runs a large number of requests
  • Neutron - Network as a Service (NAAS)
  • Horizon - web dashboard for openstack services
  • Conceptual and Logical models

Neutron Configuration (4 topics)

  • Networking and Admin operations
  • Create and manage networks
  • Create Users, Projects and Quotas
  • Configuration Commands

Install, Configure and Use MAAS (8 topics)

  • MAAS: Metal as a Service
  • Why use MAAS
  • MAAS Architecture
  • 3-step provisioning service
  • Hardware provisioning workflow
  • Installing and configure a MAAS server
  • Configure a MAAS Cluster
  • Machine commissioning

Swift Configuration (4 topics)

  • Swift Operations
  • CRUD on Containers and Objects
  • Configuration Commands
  • Swift maintenance with swift-recon

Install, Configure and Use Juju (12 topics)

  • Juju: Automating Workloads
  • Juju: Application Development at Radical Velocity
  • Why use Juju
  • Juju Architecture
  • Service definition
  • Charms package services
  • Anatomy of a Charm
  • Charm Ecosystem
  • Juju: GUI Store
  • Installing Juju
  • Configuring Juju
  • Install, deploy and configure services with Juju

Glance Configuration (4 topics)

  • Basic configuration
  • Configuration Commands
  • Controlling Glance Servers
  • Database Management

Keystone Configuration (3 topics)

  • Configuring Keystone
  • Performance and scaling
  • Configuring Services to work with Keystone

Configuring Openstack (2 topics)

  • General OpenStack Configuration Commands
  • Configure the Global OpenStack Environment

Nova Configuration (2 topics)

  • Architectural Concepts
  • Configuration Commands

Landscape and AutoPilot (2 topics)

  • Landscape - Features and functionality
  • Deploy an OpenStack cloud using AutoPilot

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