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This highly practical course introduces the Python language as a power tool for installing and configuring SDN and NFV systems. It provides a technical examination of the Python language, and explores how Python can be used to configure a simple SDN Controller.


On completion of this course delegates will be able to:

• Explain SDN and NFV in the Telco world
• Justify Python for SDN configuration and management
• Explain the approach to programming in Python
• Build Python programs using strings, lists, tuples and dictionaries
• Benefit from functions, modules, classes and objects
• Use File I/O, Exceptions and regular expressions
• Configure a small part of an SDN Controller

Target Audience

This course is intended for Software Development specialists, who would be expected to know Object Oriented development in another language, but who need to gain a good understanding of the python language, and how it can be effectively used to administer SDN and NFV.


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Review SDN and NFV in the Telco world

Python: Introduction and basic syntax

Python: Strings, Lists, Tuples

Python: Dictionaries and Files

Python: Regular Expressions

Python: Utilities

Describe the architecture and key configuration components of an example SDN controller

Configure key components of an SDN Controller using Python


This course assumes the delegates are software developers with Object Oriented development experience in another language.

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