Check Point Certified Security Administration and Engineering R77 Fast Track

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Check Point Curriculum

This course has been superseded by the Check Point Cyber Security Administrator CCSA & Engineering CCSE R80 10 course.


Topics covered (15 topics)

  • Introduction to Check Point Technology
  • Deployment Platforms
  • Introduction to the Security Policy
  • Monitoring Traffic and Connections
  • Network Address Translation
  • User Management and Authentication
  • Identity Awareness
  • Advanced and in-depth explanation of Check Point firewall technology
  • Key tips and techniques for troubleshooting Check Point firewall technology
  • Advanced upgrading concepts and practices
  • Clustering with VRRP
  • Clustering firewall, management concepts and practices
  • Software acceleration features
  • Advanced VPN concepts and implementations
  • Reporting tools, deployment options and features


Successful completion of this course depends on knowledge of multiple disciplines related to network-security activities including UNIX and Windows operating systems, Certificate management, system administration, networking (TCP/IP) knowledge, and previous attendance/certification on CCSA R75/R71/R76.

Relevant Certifications

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