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This course gives an overview of the 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsytem (IMS), which is based on the IETF Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) and other protocols. After introduction to the IMS Architecture, the course focuses on the technical details of the SIP protocol and how it is applied within the IMS. Basic IMS procedures (registration, session establishment) as well as services (Presence, Messaging, Push-to-Talk) are introduced and essential details are highlighted.

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GSM to 3GPP Release 6 (5 topics)

  • 3G R99
  • 3G R4
  • 3G R5
  • 3G R6

IP Multimedia Subsystem Architecture (3 topics)

  • Architectural Requirements
  • Description of IMS-related entities and functionalities
  • IMS Reference Points

IMC Concepts (8 topics)

  • Identification
  • Identity Modules
  • Security Services in the IMS
  • S-CSCF Assignment
  • Mechanisms for Controlling Bearer Traffic
  • Charging
  • User Profile
  • Service Provision

Detailed Procedures (13 topics)

  • An Example IMS Registration
  • Signalling PDP Context
  • Transport Protocols
  • SIP Registration
  • Authentication
  • Access Security
  • SIP Security
  • Compression Negotiation
  • Access & Location Information
  • Charging related Information
  • User Identities
  • Re-Registration & Re-Authentication
  • De-registration

An Example IMS Session (8 topics)

  • Caller and Callee Identities
  • Routing
  • Compression Negotiation
  • Media Negotiation
  • Resource Reservation
  • Controlling Media
  • Charging-related information
  • Release Session

Routing PSIs

Protocols (10 topics)

  • SIP
  • The tel URI
  • SIP Structure
  • Registration
  • Dialogue
  • Sessions
  • Security
  • Routing Request & Responses
  • SIP Extensions

SDP (4 topics)

  • SDP Message Content
  • SDP Message Format
  • The Offer/Answer Mode with SDP

RTP (4 topics)

  • RTP
  • RTCP
  • RTP Profile and payload

DSN (5 topics)

  • DNS Resource Records
  • The Naming Authority Pointer (NAPTR)
  • ENUM
  • Service Records

GPRS (3 topics)

  • PDP
  • Access Points
  • PDP Context types


Diameter (3 topics)

  • Protocol Components
  • Diameter Clients/Agents/Servers

MEGACO (4 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Connection Model
  • Protocol Operation

COPS (4 topics)

  • Message Structure
  • COPS Usage for policy provisioning
  • The PIB for the Go Interface

IPSec (4 topics)

  • Security Associations
  • Internet Security Association & Key Management Protocol (ISAKMP)
  • Internet Key Exchange (IKE)
  • Encapsulated Security Payload (ESP)


XCAP (2 topics)

  • Application Usage


Services (3 topics)

  • Presence
  • Messaging
  • Conferencing


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