Next Generation Networks, SIP, SigTran

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This course is aimed at providing the student with a detailed overview of the control (signalling) protocols emerging in Next Generation Network (NGN) architectures including interworking both within and outwith NGNs. The course provides an overview of the packet based signalling protocols: SIGnaling TRANsport (SIGTRAN), H.323, Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), and Bearer Independent Call Control protocol (BICC). The overviews are provided in an integrated way so that students should understand how the protocols relate to each other, how they may work together, protocols specifics, service possibilities and interworking methods both between themselves, the current PSTN and their use within third generation (3G) cellular networks.


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NGN Introduction, SIGTRAN and SIP Overview

Architecture (10 topics)

  • Components
  • Signalling Gateway (SG)
  • Signalling Gateway Process (SGP)
  • Application Service Process (ASP)
  • IP Signalling Point (IPSP)
  • Application Server (AS)
  • Routing
  • Interface Identifiers
  • Routing Contexts
  • Network Appearances

Introduction to Signalling and Signalling History

Next-Generation Networks (5 topics)

  • Definition and Purpose
  • NGN Architecture
  • Media Gateway (MG)
  • Media Gateway Controller (MGC)
  • Signalling Gateway (SG)

SigTran Overview (22 topics)

  • History and Purpose
  • Stream Transmission Control Protocol (SCTP)
  • Architecture
  • Components
  • Signalling Gateway (SG)
  • Signalling Gateway Process (SGP)
  • Application Service Process (ASP)
  • IP Signalling Point (IPSP)
  • Application Server (AS)
  • Routing
  • Interface Identifiers
  • Routing Contexts
  • Network Appearances
  • User Adaptation (UA) Layers
  • UA Terminology
  • MTP Level 2 User Adaptation (M2UA)
  • MTP Level 3 User Adaptation (M3UA)
  • SCCP User Adaptation (SUA)
  • MTP Level 2 Peer Adaptation (M2PA)
  • M2PA and M2UA Comparison
  • M2PA Differences from Other UAs
  • Example Sequences

SIP Overview (31 topics)

  • History and Purpose
  • Architecture
  • User Agent Server (UAS)
  • User Agent Client (UAC)
  • Redirect Sever
  • Proxy Server
  • Registrar Server
  • SIP Messages
  • General/Entity Headers
  • Requests
  • Request Headers
  • Responses
  • Response Headers
  • Addressing
  • Example Sequence - no proxy
  • Example Sequence - with proxy
  • RTP Basics
  • SDP Basics
  • SIP-ISUP/BICC Interworking
  • Testing
  • Examples
  • Firewall and NAT Traversal
  • Authentication and Authorization
  • Logging
  • Billing Issues
  • Loading Balancing
  • Forking
  • Third Party Call Control
  • SIP in UMTS
  • 3GPP Release 5 Architecture
  • SIP-T

H.323 and BICC Overview, Related Work, Summary

H.323 Overview (15 topics)

  • Architecture
  • Endpoint
  • Gatekeeper (GK)
  • Multipoint Conference Unit (MCU)
  • Example Scenarios
  • Protocol Stack
  • H.225.0 RAS
  • H.245
  • Message Types
  • Terminal Capabilities
  • H.235
  • Direct H.323 Call
  • Gatekeeper Administration
  • Inter Gatekeeper Communication
  • ISUP Tunnelling

BICC Overview (18 topics)

  • History and Purpose
  • Documentation Structure
  • Architecture
  • Call Node Types
  • Functional Entities
  • Interfaces
  • Protocol Stack
  • UMTS-GSM Interworking
  • Related Groups of Interest
  • PINT
  • ENUM
  • OSA and PARLAY

Course Summary (2 topics)

  • Pros and Cons of Each Protocol
  • The Road Ahead

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