Intelligent Networks, INAP & CAMEL

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The goal of the Intelligent Network (IN) concept was to decouple services and features from the switches themselves - that is seperate service intelligence from the switching functions. This was to allow network operators to be able to develop and deploy services and features independently of the switch vendors, allowing more versatility in service development, simplified rollout, reduced costs and greater autonomy. To this end the Intelligent Network Application Protocol (INAP) was developed for fixed line networks. INAP is the primary protocol used for fixed line IN outside of North America. Customised Applications for Mobile Enhanced Logic (CAMEL) provides standardised intelligent network capabilities for GSM networks. It was based upon core INAP with modifications to take into account subscriber mobility.


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Inteligent Networks and INAP (51 topics)

  • Intelligent Network Definition
  • Business Drivers for IN
  • IN Objectives
  • IN History/Evolution
  • Freephone Service Example
  • Premium Rate Service Example
  • Televoting Service Example
  • Automatic Alternate Billing Example
  • Intelligent Network Standards
  • Intelligent Network Conceptual Model (INCM):
  • Service Plane
  • Global Functional Plane
  • Distributed Functional Plane
  • Physical Plane
  • Intelligent Network Call Modelling Concepts:
  • SS7/C7 Nodes
  • IN functional Entities (SCF, SDF, SSF, CCF, SRF, SCEF, SMF)
  • Basic Call State Modem (BCSM)
  • Detection Points
  • Triggers
  • Originating BCSM
  • Terminating BSCM
  • Service Creation
  • General Structure of the Capability Sets
  • Capability Set 1 (CS-1):
  • Scope of CS-1
  • CS-1 Service Features
  • Feature Interactions
  • Example Services
  • Capability Set 2 (CS-2):
  • Scope of CS-2
  • Enhancements that CS-2 has brought to the INCM
  • Example Services
  • Capability Set 3 (CS-3):
  • Scope of CS-3
  • INAP Protocol Defintion
  • INAP Standards
  • INAP ASN.1 Descriptions
  • Non-Circuit Related Signalling
  • NCR Applications
  • Formatting of Information Flows (IF)
  • ASN.1
  • Initial DP ASN.1 Encoding
  • Transaction Capabilities (TC)
  • Component Sublayer (CSL)
  • Transaction Sublayer (TSL)
  • SCCP Addressing
  • Network Services Part (NSP)
  • INAP Protocol Architecture
  • CoreINAP Overview

INAP and CAMEL (22 topics)

  • Single/Multiple Association Control Function (SACF/MACF) Rules
  • INAP Addressing
  • INAP Formats
  • INAP Procedures:
  • ASE Types
  • Operations
  • Translation Example
  • Translation with Announcement Example
  • Translation with User Interaction Example
  • Call Gapping Example
  • Credit Card Example
  • Introduction to CAMEL
  • Pre-WIN/CAMEL Alternatives:
  • Other Alternatives
  • CAMEL Standards
  • CAMEL Phase I
  • CAMEL Phase II
  • CAMEL Phase III
  • CAMEL Trigger Detection Points
  • Service and Feature between Incompatible Networks
  • Implementation Issues
  • Operational Issues


Students should have a good basic telecommunication background, with a basic understanding of mobile/cellular communications. SS#7 &/or Intelligent Networking would also be an advantage. Additional modules are available should these introdcutory areas be required.

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