HIPS: Securing Hosts using Cisco Security Agents

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official Curriculum

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cisco Security Training Courses.


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Security Fundamentals (3 topics)

  • Need for Network Security
  • Network Security Policy
  • Network Attack Taxonomy

Cisco Security Agent Overview (4 topics)

  • Defense in Depth
  • Cisco Security Agent Architecture
  • Anatomy of an Attack and Response
  • Key Features of Cisco Security Agent

Cisco Security Agent Quick Start Installation (5 topics)

  • CSAMC System Requirements
  • CSA System Requirements
  • Installing the CSAMC
  • Configuring the CSAMC
  • Installing the CSA

Cisco Security Agent Management Center Administration (1 topic)

  • Using Cisco Securinty Agent Management Center

Using Event Logs and Generating Reports (4 topics)

  • The Event Log and Event Monitor
  • Configuring Event Sets
  • Configuring Alerts
  • Generating Reports

Configuring Groups and Managing Hosts (4 topics)

  • Configuring Groups
  • Building and Agent Kit
  • Managing Hosts
  • Deploying Scheduled Software Updates

Building Policies (7 topics)

  • Developing a Security Policy
  • Rule Basics
  • Policy Components
  • Configuring and Managing Policies
  • Rules common to Windows and Unix
  • Windows-Only Rules
  • Unix-only Rules

Defining Application Classes (3 topics)

  • About Application Classes
  • Configuring Static Application Classes
  • Dynamic Application Classes

Working with Variables (5 topics)

  • Data Sets
  • File Sets
  • Network Address & Services Sets
  • Registry Sets
  • COM Component Sets

Using Cisco Security Agent Profiler (5 topics)

  • Basics of Profiler
  • Configuring an Analysis Job
  • Starting Analysis
  • The profiler Policy
  • Profiler Reports


Delegates are required to meet the following prerequisites:
  • CCNA or equivalent knowledge
  • 6 months practical experience of configuring Cisco IDS Routers
  • Competency in using the Windows NT Operating system
  • Familiarity with implementing network security policies and the following networking concepts:
  • Perimeter Security System Components
  • Perimeter Router
  • Firewall
  • Bastion Host/Servers and Hosts
Target Audience:
  • Engineers who support sales of Cisco security product solutions.
  • Cisco Channel Partners, who sell, implement and maintain secure networks.
  • Cisco Customers who implement and maintain secure networks.