SND: Securing Cisco Network Devices

5 Day Course
Hands On
Official Curriculum
Code SND

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Cisco Security Training Courses.


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Introduction to Network Security (4 topics)

  • Planning a Secure Network
  • Mitigating Network Attacks
  • The Cisco Security Portfolio
  • Building Cisco Self-Defending Networks

Securing the Perimeter (10 topics)

  • Securing Admiistrative Access to Routers
  • Configuring AAA for Cisco Routers
  • Introducing the Cisco Secure Access Control Server for Windows Server
  • Configuring Basic Services on the Cisco Secure ACS for Windows
  • Disabling Unused Cisco Router Network Services and Interfaces
  • Mitigating Threats and Attacks with Access Lists
  • Implementing Secure Management and Reporting
  • Securing Catalyst Switches
  • Mitigating Layer 2 Attacks
  • Using Catalyst Switch Security Features

Cisco Security Appliance (3 topics)

  • Introducing the Cisco PIX Security Appliance Series
  • Configuring a Cisco PIX Security Appliance from the CLI
  • Configuring a PIX Security Appliance with the Cisco PDM

Securing Networks with Host –and Network-Based IPS (4 topics)

  • Introducing Intrusion Prevention Systems
  • Configuring the Sensor Using the IDM
  • Introducing the Cisco Security Agent
  • Deploying HIPs with the CSA MC

Building IPSec VPN (5 topics)

  • Introducing IPSec VPNs
  • Building Cisco VPN Solutions
  • Completing the Quick Configuration of a Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator
  • Configuring the Cisco VPN 3000 Series Concentrator for Remote Access
  • Configuring the Cisco VPN Software Client for Windows


Delegates are required to meet the following prerequisites: - CCNA Certification - Basic Knowledge of the Windows operating system - Basic knowledge of Cisco IOS networking and concepts Target Audience: Entry level network engineers and technicians requiring knowledge and skills as a prerequisite for further development and responsibilities. Network administrators, technicians and engineers who need a comprehensive knowledge of security matters to assist them in assessing risk and assigning responsibilities for mitigation.