M2261: Supporting Users Running the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official Microsoft Curriculum
Code M2261

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Microsoft Windows XP Training Courses.


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Introduction to Supporting Users (3 topics)

  • The Desktop Support Technician
  • The Windows Desktop Operating Systems
  • Tools for Troubleshooting Windows Desktop Operating Systems

Resolving Installation Issues (7 topics)

  • Preparing for Installation
  • Preparing the Hard Disk for Installation
  • How the Installation Process Works
  • Troubleshooting an Attended Installation
  • Troubleshooting an Upgrade
  • Troubleshooting an Unattended Installation
  • Troubleshooting the Boot Process

Resolving Desktop Management Issues (6 topics)

  • Troubleshooting Logon
  • Troubleshooting User Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Multilingual Configuration
  • Troubleshooting Security and Local Policy Settings
  • Troubleshooting System Performance
  • Resolving Desktop Management Issues

Resolving File and Folder Issues (4 topics)

  • Managing Files and Folders
  • Troubleshooting Access to Files and Folders
  • Troubleshooting Access to Shared Files and Folders
  • Troubleshooting Access to Offline Files

Resolving Hardware Issues (5 topics)

  • Managing Drivers
  • Troubleshooting Storage Devices
  • Troubleshooting Display Devices
  • Troubleshooting Import and Output (I/O) Devices
  • Troubleshooting Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI)

Resolving Print Issues (4 topics)

  • Installing Local and Network Printers
  • Troubleshooting Printer Drivers
  • Troubleshooting Printers and Print Jobs
  • Auditing Printers

Resolving Network Connectivity Issues (4 topics)

  • Applying the OSI Model
  • Managing Computer Addressing
  • Managing Name Resolution
  • Troubleshooting Remote Connection Issues


Before attending this course, students must have: - Basic experience using a Microsoft Windows Operating system such as Microsoft Windows XP. - A basic understanding of Microsoft Office applications and Microsoft Windows accessories, including Internet Explorer. - Basic understanding of core operating system technologies including installation and configuration. - A basic understanding of hardware components and their functions. - A basic understanding of the major desktop components and interfaces, and their functions. - A basic understanding of TCP/IP settings. - How to use command-line utilities to manage the operating system. - A basic understanding of technologies that are available for establishing Internet connectivity.

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