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The next generation of telecommunications networks will deliver broadband data and multimedia services to users. Circuit switched networks will replaced with IP packet switched infrastructures with multi-service switching implemented using software control. Streams of real time media will be switched between gateways under the control of call servers and media gateway controllers.  The key to this new soft-switch technology will be the protocols that run between the Media Gateway Controllers; this will be H.248 Megaco.

This course will provide developers an introduction to this new technology, how it has evolved and how it can be used.  It will give and understanding of the commands and parameters used as well as providing examples of exchanges needed to set-up typical calls.


When you have completed this course you will be able to:

  • Describe the structure of Multi-service networks
  • Select the appropriate options for Media control switching applications
  • Implement the commands needed to setup calls using H.248 Megaco
  • Build configurations to describe media streams using Session Description Protocol
  • Select the appropriate encoding and transport for services
  • Use Megaco API commands to set up calls.


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Multimedia Services over Packet Networks (16 topics)

  • What counts as multimedia
  • Carrying voice over IP
  • RTP and RTCP
  • Encoding
  • H.323 Architecture
  • Zones
  • Endpoints
  • Terminals and Media Gateways
  • Media Gateway Controller
  • Multipoint Control Unit
  • Residential Gateways
  • Interfacing to SS7 with Signalling Gateway
  • Trunking Gateways
  • H.225, H.245, H.235, H.450
  • Evolution of SIP
  • Megaco and H.248

Megaco Connection Model (9 topics)

  • Contexts and Terminations
  • Attributes of a Context
  • Creating and deleting contexts
  • Multiplexed termination
  • Using Contexts and terminations to build calls
  • Identities for Terminations
  • Packages
  • Termination property Descriptors
  • Root Termination

Megaco Commands (30 topics)

  • Add
  • Modify
  • Subtract
  • Move
  • AuditValue
  • AuditCapabilities
  • Notify
  • Service Change
  • Command Descriptors
  • Media Descriptors
  • Termination State Descriptor
  • Logical Control Descriptor
  • Local and Remote Descriptors
  • Signals Descriptor
  • Audit Descriptor
  • Service Change Descriptor
  • Mapping Numbers
  • Digit Maps
  • Digit Map Timers
  • Digit Map Syntax
  • Completion Events
  • Digit Map Activation
  • Using Wild Cards
  • Statistics Descriptor
  • Packages Descriptor
  • Observed Events
  • Topology Descriptors
  • Building Conferences with differing flows
  • Isolate, Oneway and Bothway descriptors
  • Error Descriptor

Command Application Programming Interface (12 topics)

  • Add
  • Modify
  • Subtract
  • Move
  • Audit Value
  • Command Syntax
  • Audit Capabilities
  • Notify
  • Service Change Methods
  • Graceful, Forced, Restart, Disconnected, Handoff and Failover
  • Manipulating and Auditing Context Attributes
  • Transactions

Reliable Transport Mechanisms (13 topics)

  • Reliable Transport
  • Ordering Commands
  • Security considerations
  • Media Gateway Controller Failure and Fail-over
  • Character encoding of the protocol transfer
  • Binary coding of protocol transfer
  • Application Level Framing over UDP
  • Providing At-Most-Once functionality
  • Transaction identifiers
  • Three-way handshake
  • Computing retransmission timers
  • Repeating Requests, Responses and Acknowledgements
  • Using TCP

Session Description Protocol (7 topics)

  • Describing Media Sessions with SDP RFC 2327
  • Session Timing
  • Session Description
  • Version, owner, bandwidth
  • Time Description
  • Media Descriptions
  • SDP Example

Basic Packages (10 topics)

  • Generic Package
  • Base Root Package
  • Tone Generator and Detection
  • Basic DTMF Generator and Detection
  • Call Progress Tones Generator and Detection
  • Analogue Line Supervision Package
  • Basic Continuity Package
  • Network Package
  • RTP Package
  • TDM Circuit Package

Example Call Flows (3 topics)

  • Call between two Residential Gateways
  • Call between Residential Gateway to SIP user
  • Call using Supplementary Services

Review and Evaluation


Delegates should have attended Multiservice Access and H.248, or have similar knowledge and experience. Delegates should also have a very solid understanding of IP, VoIP and WAN technologies.

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