Coaching for Performance

2 Day Course
Code CFP

This course has been replaced by the Coaching for Results course.


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Introduction & Welcome (2 topics)

  • You will meet other delegates and share your reasons for wanting to be on the course.
  • An experienced, friendly trainer will help you visualise where you want this course to take you.

What Is Coaching? (1 topic)

  • You will look at various styles of improving performance and dealing with skill transfer and behavioural change and see where coaching fits in.

Why Coach? (4 topics)

  • Practical discussion on the benefits of, and barriers to, coaching.
  • Explore how to overcome the barriers.
  • Identify the key skills required to coach others and discuss the concept of the Bank of Goodwill. You will assess what barriers exist in your organisation, team and personally to coaching and then plan how to overcome them.
  • You will also look at the performance benefits to your staff, team and organisation of coaching.

Prepare to Coach (4 topics)

  • Before you can coach you need to understand yourself - coaching will tell you as much about yourself as it does about others.
  • We use Transactional Analysis to look at various conversations and how conversations can get off track and how to get them back on track.
  • We will also discuss how to prepare for a coaching session.
  • You will use Transactional Analysis to assess your communication style and its appropriateness in a variety of contexts.

How to Coach (5 topics)

  • You will learn the GROW technique for coaching and practice it with real world examples of your own.
  • We will explore the key communication skills of questioning and listening in the context of coaching others.
  • You will look at types of questions to use when to use each, the questioning funnel, active listening and biased listening.
  • You will practice designing questions for various purposes.
  • You will practice using GROW, being coached by others and giving them feedback on their coaching style based on what you have learned.

Immediate Coaching (3 topics)

  • You will learn Instant Pay-Off coaching for when time is short or as an alternative way of structuring coaching.
  • You will also look at giving constructive feedback.
  • You will practice Instant Pay-Off Coaching

Concluding Coaching (3 topics)

  • You will learn how and when to stop coaching and when and how to delegate tasks.
  • You will also look at receiving feedback and encouraging your team to give you feedback so you can continue to improve.
  • You will practice receiving feedback to use constructively.

Practical Work (2 topics)

  • We will spend some time embedding the skills and combining the various techniques in various case study applications.
  • This is to ensure the learning sticks and you gain experience.

Action Planning & Review (1 topic)

  • You will create an action plan to take back to work to ensure you use the techniques that will be most useful to you.

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