Oracle 10G Application Server Administration

5 Day Course
Hands On
Code O10GAS

This course has been replaced by the Oracle Application Server 10g release 2 course.


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10g AS Overview (14 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Oracle 10g AS Application Server Supported Solutions
  • Java and J2EE Support
  • 10gAS Support for XML, PL/SQL and Forms Services
  • Oracle PL/SQL Server Pages
  • Oracle PL/SQL Web Toolkit
  • Oracle HTTP Server
  • Oracle Certificate Authority
  • Application Reliability, Availability and Scalability features
  • Oracle Portal
  • Wireless and Oracle 10g AS
  • Web Cache
  • Business Intelligence
  • Oracle 10g AS Integration

Installing Oracle 10g Application Server (5 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Installing 10g Application Server
  • J2EE and Web Cache Installation
  • Infrastructure Installation
  • Business Intelligence Installation

Administering Application Server (8 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Starting and Stopping services
  • Administration Tools
  • Reconfiguring Application Server
  • Managing Logs
  • Managing Ports
  • Changing Network Configurations
  • Backup and Recovery

Configuring HTTP Server (9 topics)

  • Overview
  • Making Manual Changes
  • Modifying Initial Basic Settings
  • Modifying Port Settings
  • Configuring Logs
  • Managing Requests and Connections
  • HTTP Server Modules and Oracle Support
  • Configuring mod_oc4j
  • Configuring mod_plsql

Oracle Web Cache (9 topics)

  • Caching concepts
  • Cache clusters
  • Deploying Oracle 10g AS Web Cache
  • Administration Tools
  • Setup and Configuration
  • Configuring a Cache Cluster
  • Invalidating Documents
  • Listing Contents
  • Evaluating Event Logs

Deploying Java Applications (8 topics)

  • Introduction
  • The Deployment Wizard
  • Data Source and Security Configuration
  • Undeploying an Application
  • Recovering from a Failed Deployment
  • What Happens when you Deploy
  • OC4J Listeners
  • OC4J Security

Monitoring 10g AS (4 topics)

  • Monitoring HTTP Server
  • Monitoring OC4J
  • Monitoring Web Cache
  • Monitoring HTTP Server using Built-in Performance Metrics

Managing an Infrastructure (6 topics)

  • Basic Administration
  • Introducing Identity Management
  • Managing Single Sign On
  • Managing Oracle Internet Directory
  • Directory Integration & Provisioning
  • Administering Users and Groups Using DAS

Application Server Clustering (6 topics)

  • Overview of Clustering Concepts
  • Architecture
  • Management Features
  • Component Instances and Clustering
  • Managing an Oracle 10g AS Cluster
  • Configuring Single Sign On

Securing 10g AS (12 topics)

  • Security Fundamentals Overview
  • 10g AS Security Overview
  • Configuring Oracle 10g AS Single Sign On
  • Configuring HTTP Server Security in 10g AS
  • Using the Oracle Wallet Manager
  • 10g AS Portal Security
  • JAAS Configuration
  • Web Cache Security
  • Securing 10g AS Database Access
  • Identity Management and OCA
  • Certificate Management
  • Configuring OCA


An understanding of basic web concepts. A basic knowledge of SQL and PL/SQL would be an advantage.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course.

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