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This highly practical instructor led Administering Red Hat Linux course is designed to give delegates practical experience in the administration of a Red Hat Linux system. With a strong emphasis on practical hands-on training, this course will teach the essential administrative tasks required to administer a Red Hat Linux system.

Targeted to closely follow the official Red Hat certification curriculum, this course together with the 'Using Red Linux' course will enable the delegate to work towards achieving the Red Hat Certified Technician (RHCT) qualification.

Targeted to closely follow the official Red Hat certification curriculum, this course together with the 'Using Red Linux' and the Securing and Networking Red Hat Linux course will also enable the delegate to work towards achieving the Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) qualification.

The delegate will have knowledge in all, and practise in some, of the following:

  • Installing Red Hat Linux
  • Package Management
  • Customising and using X Windows
  • Kernel updates from RPM
  • System Startup/Shutdown and Initialisation
  • System Logs and their Management
  • File system Configuration
  • Partitioning Disks
  • LVM, RAID and Swap management
  • Controlling Common Hardware
  • Printer Configuration
  • Account Management and Security
  • Backup and Restore
  • Process Scheduling and Control
  • Configure Basic Networking for Client Access
  • XEN Virtualisation
  • Troubleshooting and Disaster Recovery

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Installing Red Hat Linux (7 topics)

  • Installation Methods Available
  • The RHEL Installer: Anaconda
  • The Virtual Consoles
  • Using Boot Time Options
  • Performing the Installation
  • Firstboot and Post Installation
  • SELinux choices

Investigating the System (7 topics)

  • The /proc pseudo Filesystem
  • Investigating Bus/Devices: lspci, lsusb etc.
  • Graphical Tools for Investigating Hardware
  • Serial Device Management
  • Monitoring and Managing log files
  • Using the system-config Tools
  • The /etc/sysconfig Directory and Main Configuration Files

User Administration (8 topics)

  • User and Group Administration
  • Adding a New User and Group
  • Password Management Using passwd, chage etc.
  • Authentication Policies and User Private Groups
  • Switching Accounts
  • The su Command
  • Configuring sudo to gain administrative access
  • The Shells and the User Environment

System Startup/Shutdown and Initialisation (8 topics)

  • The boot Sequence Explained
  • The grub boot managers
  • The init Program and Run Levels
  • The /etc/rc.d/rc.sysinit Program
  • The System V Startup Script Model
  • Control Services Using chkconfig, ntsysv etc.
  • System Shutdown and Reboot Management
  • Tailoring the startup and shutdown routines

Filesystem Configuration (10 topics)

  • The Linux File System Basics
  • The Native Linux File Systems ext2fs and ext3fs
  • Disk Partitioning: fdisk and parted
  • Creating and Maintaining Linux File Systems
  • Autofs
  • Checking and Repairing File Systems
  • Handling Removable Media
  • File System Attributes
  • Creating Access Control Lists (ACL's) for users and groups
  • Using Disk Quotas

LVM, RAID and Swap Management (8 topics)

  • Software RAID Using mdadm
  • Implementing RAID0, 1 and 5 File Systems
  • Hot Swap Replacement
  • Simulating RAID Disk Failure and how to recover
  • The Logical Volume Manager (LVM)
  • Creating and Extending LVM filesystems
  • Basic LVM Design and Configuration
  • Swap Space Management

Printers (5 topics)

  • Files Printing under Red Hat Using cups
  • Administering CUPS Using the Web Browser Interface
  • Administering CUPS Using the Red Hat Tools
  • Print Queue Management
  • Print Commands

Process Scheduling (6 topics)

  • Using at to Manage One-Off Jobs
  • Using the cron System
  • System crontab Files
  • Monitoring cron Access
  • Controlling Access to cron and at Using cron Processes
  • Using anacron

Backup and Restore (7 topics)

  • Backup and Restore
  • Backing up to tape devices
  • Controlling tape devices
  • Using the backup Commands
  • LVM snapshots
  • Using Compression
  • Remote Backup administration

Package Management (8 topics)

  • The Red Hat Package Management system
  • The YUM management tool
  • Installing removing software manually using rpm
  • RPM queries and verifying packages
  • Dependency problems and resolution
  • Updating the Kernel from RPM's
  • Other RPM features
  • Updating using Red Hat Network

Customising and Using X Windows (4 topics)

  • Windowing System available
  • The X Windowing System Managers
  • Configuring using system-config-display
  • Customising X Start-up

XEN Virtualisation (6 topics)

  • Basic definition
  • XEN components - para-virtualised domains
  • Installing XEN using virt-install
  • Enabling access to a CD Drive
  • Managing the VM Environment
  • Migration

Basic Client Networking (8 topics)

  • Device recognition and control
  • Configuring IPV4 dynamic and static networking
  • Using multiple and Virtual Interfaces
  • Configuring NTP
  • Configuring your System as a DHCP/DNS Client
  • Connecting NIS and LDAP clients to corresponding servers
  • Configuring Routing
  • Network Tools ifup, mii-tool etc.

Troubleshooting (6 topics)

  • The Rescue Environment
  • Using the anaconda rescue environment
  • The Networked Rescue Environment
  • Overriding Boot Levels from grub
  • Booting from USB devices
  • Common boot problems and their resolution


Delegates should have attended Using Red Hat Linux or have similar skills and experience.

Additional Learning

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