IPTV: Internet Protocol Services for TV Distribution and Switching

2 Day Course
Official Curriculum
Code PWL011

This course has been replaced by the Linear TV: Multicasting, IGMP and Multicast Routing course.


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Internet Protocol Suite Delivery of Multimedia Services (6 topics)

  • Structure of Internet Protocol Suite
  • Applications and their service needs
  • Functions of TCP and UDP
  • IP Datagram Services
  • Layer 2 Services
  • Hands-on Exercise 1: Configuring a Protocol Analyzer and Capturing Traffic

Layer 2 Addressing (9 topics)

  • Layer 2 MAC
  • Point tot Point Layer 2 services
  • LAN and Broadcast Media Access Control
  • 802 standard addressing
  • Hands-on Exercise 2: Identifying MAC addresses
  • Group and multicast addresses at layer 2
  • Local addressing
  • Bridging and switching at layer 2
  • Hands-on Exercise 3: Experimenting with Bridges and Switches

Layer 3 Addressing (7 topics)

  • Mapping layer 2 addresses to layer 3 with ARP
  • Constructing and interrogating ARP Tables
  • Hands-on Exercise 4: Observing ARP in operation
  • Requirements to route a packet
  • Selecting Address prefix and address classes
  • Dividing address space into networks and sub-networks
  • Case Study: Deploying Subnets

Routing (16 topics)

  • Distributed dynamic routing
  • Static alternate routing
  • Routing logic
  • Reading IP Routing Tables
  • Hands-on Exercise 5: Reading routing tables in PCs and Routers
  • Selecting metrics
  • Popular Routing Protocols and their problems
  • RIP
  • IGRP
  • RIPv2
  • OSPF
  • Building least cost path database
  • Real time switching advantages
  • BGP4
  • Routing Survival Kit: What You Need to Know to Make it Work

Multicasting (10 topics)

  • Deploying Multicasting for network delivery of video
  • Multicast routing requirements
  • Multicast routing approaches
  • Multicast extensions to OSPF
  • Protocol Independent Multicast
  • Selecting Mode of operation: Dense or Sparse
  • IGMP
  • Protocol exchanges to build tree
  • Protocol exchanges to prune tree
  • Potential failures and fixes

Management of Devices With SNMP (15 topics)

  • SNMP conceptual model
  • Reliable management over datagram networks
  • Manager and Agent relationships
  • Management Information Bases
  • ASN.1
  • Hands-on Exercise 6: Observing SNMP Operation
  • Structure of Management Information
  • Get, GetNext and Set
  • Response and Trap
  • Access to tables and scalar objects
  • Walking the MIB
  • Hands-on Exercise 7: Extracting Eables using SNMPWALK
  • Manipulating MIB variables
  • SNMPv1 Community names
  • SNMPv2 and v3


This training course is aimed at experienced systems engineers, integrators, developers and designers who already have a basic understanding of IP and need to build upon this to better appreciate how reliable distribution and QoS networks can be engineered.

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