LTE, LTE Advanced & HSPA Evolution

4 Day Course
Code PWS228

This course has been retired. Please view currently available HSPA Training Courses.


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LTE Theory and Network Planning (20 topics)

  • Introduction to LTE and SAE architecture
  • How to navigate and use 3GPP standards
  • Mobility management
  • Current and future international frequency allocations
  • Handling of voice calls and interworking with 3G
  • Derivation of OFDMA
  • Generalised view of radio modulation schemes
  • Modes and maths of MIMO
  • OFDMA as evolution from limitations of WCDMA
  • Use of FFT for modulation
  • Effects of multipath distortion and cyclic prefix
  • Hands-on live demonstration of OFDMA waveform generation and reception
  • LTE Downlink Modulation
  • Resource blocks and resource elements
  • Use of reference symbols
  • Random access procedures
  • LTE Uplink Modulation
  • Overview of SC-FDMA
  • Construction of the waveform using FFT
  • Handset power limitations

LTE Link Budget Calculations (36 topics)

  • Bottom-up link budget calculation for uplink and downlink
  • Comparison of cell ranges in different LTE brands
  • LTE Release 8-9 and 10-12
  • LTE Release 8-9
  • LTE Releases 8-9
  • 3GPP Status and LTE Schedule
  • LTE Architecture
  • S1 and X2 interfaces
  • Evolved Packet Core
  • LTE Layer 2/3
  • OFDMA and SC-FDMA principles
  • LTE Physical Layer
  • LTE Mobility
  • LTE Radio Resource Management
  • LTE Data rates, Coverage and Capacity
  • LTE Voice solutions
  • LTE Frequency variants
  • TD-LTE
  • LTE benchmarking to HSPA+
  • LTE Release 10-12
  • Carrier Aggregation (CA)
  • Terminal categories
  • MIMO evolution
  • Performance evaluation
  • Heterogeneous Networks (HetNet)
  • Coordinated Multipoint (CoMP)
  • Self Organizing Networks (SON)
  • Relay nodes (RN)
  • Small Cell Enhancements (SCE)
  • Machine Type Communication (MTC)
  • Enhanced CoMP over non-ideal backhaul (eCoMP)
  • Radio Level WLAN interworking
  • Device-to-device communication (D2D)
  • FDD-TDD carrier aggregation
  • 3D beamforming
  • LTE for Unlicenced Bands (LTE-U)

LTE and HSPA Protocols (18 topics)

  • Signalling Procedures
  • Signalling Overview
  • Call Control
  • Mobility Management
  • GPRS Mobility Management
  • Session Management
  • Security Procedures
  • Security Overview
  • UMTS Security Architecture
  • Security Features
  • GSM-UMTS interoperability
  • Protocols (UE-RAN)
  • General Protocol Architecture
  • UMTS Layer 2 Principles
  • RLC Functions and Procedures
  • MAC Functions and Procedures
  • Protocol Termination (Release '99)
  • HSPA outline

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The training was delivered with a high level of expertise and excellence. Instructor was highly knowledgeable.”

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Overall the course was really good, the trainer really understood the material and was very approachable.”

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Excellent course, informative and well-paced.”

CSE, Cisco

Course was very well outlined. Topics were great and bridged many gaps.”

System Engineer, Cable & Wireless

An excellent intro to video encoding & MPEG transport streams - I would definitely recommend it.”

Broadcast Engineer, Cisco

Definitely an excellent intro. Left me interested in learning more.”

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Excellent training course with real examples and practical classroom demonstrations.”

Transport Designer, Orange

Instructor knowledge and experience was excellent.”

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Excellent course, very clear and well organised. Course content delivery was very good.”

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Very informative and appropriate.”

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