Selling Value Added Telecoms Solutions

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The purpose of this course is to provide an opportunity for salespeople to obtain solution-selling skills that relate to offering business solution's in today's marketplace. Delegates will gain experience in practicing the questions they have learnt and developed themselves during their time in this intensive learning skills course. This will ensure the implementation process into their own field of sales. The percentage transfer of theory into practice following this course is very high.

The course can be customised to focus on telecoms, IT or software solutions sales.

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The Principles of Best Selling Practice (3 topics)

  • The role of a professional salesperson
  • Self-management: personal and business goals
  • Planning and preparation: pre call research and prospecting

Product Analysis (1 topic)

  • The features and benefits of a product or service

Gaining the Appointment (2 topics)

  • Developing your telephone approach
  • Telephone canvass, keeping records, activity ratios

The Initial Meeting (5 topics)

  • Telecommunications: The two appointment sale
  • Introductions, customer issues, customer needs and customer problems
  • Three kinds of questions, and their affects on your meeting
  • Recognising the implied need
  • Video Clip: Open Questions

The TURN Technique of Questioning (3 topics)

  • Promoting customer wishes to customer wants by,
  • Finding problems, uncovering the result of the problems
  • Showing the customer the benefits of removing the problems

Exercise: AstroTurf Ltd. (1 topic)

  • Confirming customer commitment

Presenting Telecom Solutions (6 topics)

  • Confirming the existing problems
  • Introducing the solution
  • Checking for understanding and agreement
  • Using tie downs to confirm commitment
  • Video Clip: Presenting the Solution
  • Exercise: AstroTurf Ltd.

Exercise: Presenting the Solution (2 topics)

  • The boardroom presentation
  • The office presentation

Common Telecom Objections (4 topics)

  • Including "The board meeting" and "You're the first I've seen."
  • The most common Telecom Objections
  • Sincere and insincere objections
  • Video Clip: Handling Objections

Handling the Objections (2 topics)

  • The VCR objection handling procedure
  • Exercise: Handling Objections



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