Exploring New Features in IBM Lotus Dom 6 Admin

2 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum
Code LND720

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM Lotus Training Courses.


This course covers the following topics: (44 topics)

  • Installing Domino and Notes 6
  • Setting up a Domino Server
  • Setting up a Centralized Directory Topology
  • Administration Requests enhancements
  • Using Administration Servers
  • Configuring the Notes 6 Client
  • Configuring the Notes 6 Client
  • Setting Administration Access
  • Using the Domino Web Administrator
  • Using the Domino Console
  • Server-Based Certificate Authority
  • Notes Certificates and Server-Based CA
  • Migrating an OU2 Certifier
  • Registering Users with the CA Process
  • Certifiers with Passwords
  • Internet Certificate Authority
  • Implementing Extended ACL (xACL)
  • Restricting Forms and Fields
  • Calculating a User's Effective Access to a Database
  • Securing the Notes Environment
  • Agent Security
  • Policy-Based Management
  • Creating an Organizational Policy
  • Security Settings in Policies
  • Synchronizing Notes and Internet Passwords
  • Policy Precedence
  • Determining a User's Effective Policy
  • Creating Roaming Users
  • Configuring Shared Clients
  • Finding Instances of a Shared Name
  • Migration Tools
  • Smart Upgrade
  • Using the Internet Sites View
  • Web Site Rules
  • Enabling Single Sign-On
  • Mail Controls
  • Setting Mail Quotas
  • Enabling Mail Journaling
  • Creating a Mail Rule
  • Activating a Mail Rule
  • LDAP Enhancements
  • Monitoring Server Performance with Statistics Charting
  • Enabling Activity Logging
  • Determining Usage with Activity Analysis


Either: Completion of the following Release 5 courses or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience: Maintaining Domino Users Maintaining a Domino Server Infrastructure; and Implementing a Domino InfrastructureRecommended completion of the Deploying Domino Applications course or equivalent knowledge, skills, and experience. - Or - Completion of the following course: Moving from IBM Lotus Domino Release 4 Administration to IBM Lotus Domino 6