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This module's outcomes are two-fold.  Firstly, it will enable you to identify your current strengths as a telesales person.  Secondly, it will enable you to use advanced communication tools to obtain a better outcome with your customers including relationship management.


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Creating Rapport (5 topics)

  • This module focuses on developing a win/win relationship with the customer by pacing, matching and leading their behaviour:
  • Pacing, matching and leading voice and body language
  • Pacing, matching and leading beliefs and values
  • Pacing, matching and leading speech patterns (predicates)
  • Pacing, matching and leading sensory language

What Customers Buy (4 topics)

  • This module addresses the areas of customer needs and focuses on real buying decisions:
  • Looks at the different types of customer needs and the effect on the customer's buying decision
  • Establishes the two types of customer needs: Organisational and human
  • Identifies selling strategies to satisfy the human needs

10 Unconscious Laws of Persuasion (11 topics)

  • This module identifies the unconscious laws of persuasion - the rules that customers will follow within the sales process. The 10 laws are:
  • Law of reciprocity
  • Law of time
  • Law of contrast
  • Law of friends
  • Law of expectancy
  • Law of association
  • Law of consistency
  • Law of scarcity
  • Law of conformity
  • Law of power

Gap Analysis and Chunking (3 topics)

  • This module is about identifying and using powerful questioning models to determine stated and latent needs:
  • Understanding the 'logical level' model including 'chunking'
  • Gap analysis - identifying problem gaps or growth gaps

Sensory Strategies (3 topics)

  • This module considers the language and thinking patterns used when communicating. It develops the skill of identifying the customer's primary style and using that style to influence:
  • The 'meta model' of communication:Deletion, generalisation, distortion
  • The v.h.f. Thinking and language patterns: Visual, hearing, feeling

Meta Programs (7 topics)

  • This module identifies the 6 unconscious strategies that customers use to motivate themselves when making purchasing decisions. The 6 customer motivation strategies:
  • Level
  • Direction
  • Source
  • Reason
  • Decision factors
  • Convincer channel and mode

Hypnotic Language Patterns (3 topics)

  • This module addresses specific words and phrases the can have a major impact when persuading and influencing your customers:
  • The use of 'tag questions' to obtain 'yes's' from the customerEmbedded commands
  • Structuring questions and statements in a way that sends positive 'commands' to the customer's unconscious decision making filters


Delegates should have attended Telephone Selling or have similar skills experience.

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