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The role of tele-sales has become more important in today's competitive environment. This course gives the essential skills needed to become a successful tele-salesperson. It is suitable for people new to tele-sales or those wishing to develop their skills. It can be delivered independently or as part of a sales development programme.


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Positive Attitude and Use of Voice (5 topics)

  • This module focuses on developing a positive attitud, which is a pre-requisite for the modern tele-salesperson. Our voice is our biggest asset when selling over the telephone:
  • Looks at the attributes that contribute to a positive attitude
  • Allows the sales person to focus on his/her attitude
  • Addresses the impact the correct use of voice has on the call
  • Using voice inflection and pace to influence the customer

Product/Service Knowledge (4 topics)

  • This module focuses on being able to understand the organisation's product and service portfolio is essential so that the tele- sales person can speak with a degree of competence:
  • Looks at primary and possible secondary applications
  • Links product performance to possible customers needs
  • Compares product functionality with the competitors

Sales Call Structure: Pre-call planning (4 topics)

  • This module focuses on the essential part of any call - planning and preparation:
  • Profiles the customer organisation and individuals
  • Sets clear call objectives and outcomes
  • Looks at personal preparation

Sales Call Structure: Making the call (9 topics)

  • This module focuses on the main body of the sales call and the use of interpersonal skills:
  • Focuses on the importance of rapport building using our voice and empathy skills
  • Concentrates on questioning techniques to establish needs
  • Addresses the importance of active listening
  • Looks at how to present product/service benefits
  • Covers the aspect of obtaining agreement
  • Considers the pros and cons of buying signals
  • Deals with handling objections
  • Covers how to close the sale effectively

Sales Call Structure: Post call analysis (4 topics)

  • The sale starts here! This module focuses on how to turn the sale into action
  • How to keep promises and commitments
  • Methods for involving the appropriate people including the field sales person
  • Personal sales audit - "what did i learn from this call?"



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