Presentation Skills and Impact Management - Advanced

2 Day Course
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Advanced presentation skills focuses on the presenter as a performer. The audience remembers the message delivered by the presenter in terms of behaviour, actions and performance.

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Preparation and Setting Objectives (4 topics)

  • This module addresses the importance of preparation and defining the outcome:
  • Considers the key factors as part of preparation
  • Considers the audience profile and their potential needs
  • Looks at setting quality outcomes for the presentation

Presentation Delivery (10 topics)

  • This module considers possibly the most important part of the presentation:
  • The key factors in delivering the presentation
  • Bernice McCarthy's '4 mat' model for presenting
  • Personal 'grounding' and visualisation techniques
  • State management - managing our inner self
  • Setting spatial anchors
  • Using story telling and metaphors
  • Pacing the audience and building rapport
  • Using the 'charisma pattern' for effective communication
  • Using various 'props' and their effects

Managing the Audience (8 topics)

  • This module considers various ways of controlling the audience:
  • Deciding when to take questions
  • Deciding how to deal with questions
  • The a.c.e questioning handling model
  • Using embedded commands
  • Using trance induced language to deliver our message effectively
  • Specific body language patterns to manage the audience effectively
  • Looking at generating positive audience



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