Write Winning Bids

1 Day Course

This course has been retired. Please view currently available Sales Skills Training Courses.


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Day 1 (5 topics)

  • Types of bids and proposals
  • Evaluating bids and proposals
  • The COMPLIANCE method of writing a winning bid
  • Bid/no-bid decision making
  • Preparing to win the business

Day 2 (7 topics)

  • Competition analysis
  • Planning bids and proposals
  • Internal reviews
  • Bid and proposal resource planning
  • Reviewing the compliance of bids and proposals
  • Writing to win
  • Managing bid and proposal review meetings


It’s expected that delegates will already know the basics of good business writing, for example that gained by attending one of the following Form-level courses:

  • Business Writing Essentials (MPDBWE)
  • Business Writing Made Clear (MPDBWMC)

As pre-course work you’ll be asked to become familiar with the types of bids and proposals that your organisation produces. While you don’t need to bring these along to the course we ask that you read at least two bids and proposals and think about what works well and what could be done differently.

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