How to Write Winning Bids/Propositions

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Being able to construct and present professional bid reports and proposals is essential in today's competitive environment. The written document represents our organisation and can have a major influence on the outcome of the bid.


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Preparation and Objective Setting (4 topics)

  • This module addresses the importance of preparation and objective setting:
  • Considers the need to invest time at the pre-proposition stage
  • Identifies the readership profile and what will be of interest to them
  • Allows us to set high quality outcomes

Readership Profile (4 topics)

  • This module determines who will read the proposal and their relevant needs:
  • Looks at how to structure the proposal to cater for all readers
  • Determines 'primary' and 'secondary' readers
  • Assess the decision makers and influencers

Proposal Structure (7 topics)

  • This module focuses on the importance of the proposition format and structure:
  • The proposal must have the correct structure to have a positive impact on the readers
  • How to construct the management/executive summary
  • Laying out the format in a logical sequence
  • Highlighting the importance of matching needs to benefits
  • Justification of the proposition e.g., cost benefit analysis
  • Referrals and appendices - how to use them effectively

Communicating Factors (5 topics)

  • This module focuses on ensuring that the proposal is understood by all:
  • The structure of paragraphs and sentences including readability
  • The 'fog index' check
  • The use of different layouts including visuals
  • Avoiding jargon and repetition

Proposal Appearance (2 topics)

  • This module focuses on how to make the proposal attractive to the readers:
  • The use of the right products to achieve a high impact - paper type and colour; binders and folders; print and print types



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