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The past few years has seen a phenomenal increase in the use of messaging technologies. IBM's WebSphere MQ family of products has lead the way. The force driving this growth has mainly come from three increasing needs:

- The interconnection of disparate systems
- The future exploitation of legacy applications
- The need to present a single company view of many “back end” resources

WebSphere MQ ( MQSeries ) answers these needs through its common application programming interfaces and extensive platform coverage. However, one problem has always been the diversity of message formats and the ability to easily bridge from one to another.

IBM remedies this with WebSphere Integrator Broker (WMQI). This provides full message brokering services along with publish and subscribe facilities.

Our one day course provides a high level overview of this powerful but complex new product to enable system designers and planners to assess the suitability of WMQI to their business needs. It is also designed to give system programmers and architects the necessary information to plan for their installation and implementation resources.

At the end of this course, participants should be able to:

- Understand the positioning of message brokers within a messaging infrastructure
- Understand the capabilities of WMQI
- Understand the high level architecture of WMQI and it's components
- Have an understanding of how WMQI might fit their current requirements.

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The topics covered include: (7 topics)

  • An introduction to message brokers in general including the need that they fulfil and the functions they perform.
  • A first look at WMQI including the system requirements
  • An overview of WMQI and its capabilities
  • An overview of WMQI and how it operates. This topic includes all the components of WMQI and some example configurations, both basic and more complex.
  • An introduction to different message formats and the way they are handled by WMQI for example XML.
  • A closer look at the message formatting and rerouting capabilities.
  • A look at the way WMQI can be used in two of the most popular design topologies - Point to Point and Publish/subscribe.


Delegates should have an basic understanding of Websphere MQSeries as gained in the Websphere Overview or from another source.

Additional Learning

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    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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