Introduction to IBM WebSphere Integrator Broker

1 Day Course
Code PIT505

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM MQ Series (Websphere) Training Courses.


The topics covered include: (7 topics)

  • An introduction to message brokers in general including the need that they fulfil and the functions they perform.
  • A first look at WMQI including the system requirements
  • An overview of WMQI and its capabilities
  • An overview of WMQI and how it operates. This topic includes all the components of WMQI and some example configurations, both basic and more complex.
  • An introduction to different message formats and the way they are handled by WMQI for example XML.
  • A closer look at the message formatting and rerouting capabilities.
  • A look at the way WMQI can be used in two of the most popular design topologies - Point to Point and Publish/subscribe.


Delegates should have an basic understanding of Websphere MQSeries as gained in the Websphere Overview or from another source.

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