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Perspective on wireless LAN technology (3 topics)

  • Wireless terminology
  • Major wireless standards/Wireless application architectures
  • Similarities and differences between wired and wireless LANs

802.11 Network Architecture (4 topics)

  • The Basic Service Set (BSS)/Joining a BSS (Association)
  • The Independent BSS (IBSS)/The Extended Service Set (ESS)
  • The Distribution System
  • ESS and BSS Ids/Portals and Access Points

Quick Assessment of the Network (2 topics)

  • Gathering and interpreting real-time network performance statistics
  • Post-capture statistical analysis

Analyzing Node Statistics (3 topics)

  • Create and analyze a top talkers/receivers report
  • Identifying Access Points and Stations
  • Naming stations for clarity

Analysis of Protocols (3 topics)

  • Setting display options for maximum effectiveness
  • The effect of logical and physical addressing on protocol analysis
  • Troubleshooting common conversation problems

Analysis of Internal Protocol Behaviour (2 topics)

  • Viewing individual frames' headers and data
  • Interpreting common fields in headers

Analysing Specific Conversations (6 topics)

  • Troubleshooting based on application architecture
  • Terminal/Host
  • Client/Server
  • Peer-to-Peer
  • Quick filtering with Select Related
  • Basic TCP analysis

Analysing Related Network Activities (2 topics)

  • Ethernet and 802.11 frame formats
  • Making and applying simple filters

Advanced Filtering (4 topics)

  • Creating advanced filters
  • Applying advanced filters to 802.11 analysis
  • Filtering out corrupted frames
  • Filtering based on SSID

802.11 MAC Layer (7 topics)

  • Similarities/differences between 802.11 and traditional wired MAC layers
  • Examples of 802.11 MAC frames and how to analyze them
  • Probes and Beacons
  • Authentication/Deauthentication
  • Association/Disassociation /Reassociation
  • Expected frames at station startup
  • Tracking station movement with MAC frames

Expert Analysis (7 topics)

  • When to use expert analysis vs. nonexpert analysis
  • Expert troubleshooting methodologies
  • When you have a suspect station
  • When you don't have a suspect station
  • Analyzing latency and throughput with the expert
  • Customizing expert thresholds and settings
  • Troubleshooting with the Peer Map

Radio Frequencies and Channels (10 topics)

  • Radio frequency basics
  • RF regulation
  • Factors affecting RF reception
  • Attenuation
  • Interference
  • Frequency ranges and channels
  • Spread spectrum technologies in 802.11
  • Frequency Hopping (FHSS)
  • Direct Sequence (DSSS)
  • Assessing the results of channel surfing during capture

Antenna Placement (3 topics)

  • Antenna types
  • Site interference map
  • Evaluating wireless performance levels

Active Testing Methods for TCP/IP networks (1 topic)

  • Quick access to commonly used tools by customizing the Tools menu

Tracking packet flow (3 topics)

  • The effect of routers on a capture
  • Drawing a packet flow diagram from a trace file
  • Detecting local router conditions

Wireless and Wired LAN Integration (7 topics)

  • Aggregation of machines in a network
  • Networks
  • Broadcast Domains
  • The effect of wireless LANs on aggregation
  • Common misconfigurations when integrating wired and wireless LANs
  • VLANs and their relationship to BSSs and ESSs
  • Four common solutions for WLAN integration

802.11 Physical Layer (4 topics)

  • Organization of the 802.11 physical layer
  • 802.11 signal encoding methods
  • Relationship of signal encoding to data rate
  • Two common problems at the physical layer

Data Transmission (9 topics)

  • 802.11 Access Methods
  • CSMA/CA (Distributed Coordination)
  • CF-Polling (Point Coordination)
  • Why not CSMA/CD?
  • The "hidden node" problem and its solutions
  • Network Allocation Vector (NAV)
  • Request To Send/Clear To Send (RTS/CTS)
  • Interframe Spacing
  • Backoff algorithm

Wireless Security (11 topics)

  • Why wireless networks are insecure
  • 802.11 built-in security methods and their weaknesses
  • WEP
  • SSIDs
  • MAC access lists
  • Other security methods
  • IPSec
  • Cisco LEAP
  • 802.1x EAP
  • Third-party VPNs


Anyone involved in wireless networking, including, Network Managers, Network Engineers, Network Administrators, Network Infrastructure Managers and Network Infrastructure Engineers.

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