CDMA Networking and Security

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This course has been designed to inform the student of the technical aspects of the W-CDMA Air Interface networking and security aspects. This course includes topics as follows; Radio Access Network, Radio Network Controllers, Protocols, Channel Types, Coding & Modulation technologies and Security.


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Introduction to Cellular CDMA (10 topics)

  • CDMA Cell Coverage
  • Structural Layout of CDMA Channels
  • Characteristics & Fundamentals of CDMA Channel Link
  • Call Processing
  • Mobile Station Call Processing
  • Base Station Call Processing
  • Authentication & Message Confidentiality
  • Wideband CDMA Channels
  • Reverse W-CDMA Channels
  • Forward W-CDMA Channels

Elements Required for CDMA Channel Operation (12 topics)

  • Convolutional Encoding
  • Block Interleaving
  • Orthogonal Spreading Using Walsh Functions
  • Direct Sequence Spreading
  • QPSK & Offset QPSK Modulation
  • Long Code Generation
  • Data Scrambling
  • CDMA Code Channel Quadrature Spreading
  • Orthogonal Channelization among all Code Channels
  • Authentication & Privacy
  • Authentication
  • Message Encryption & Information Security

Reverse CDMA Channel (6 topics)

  • Access Channel
  • Coding
  • Interleaving
  • Direct Sequence Spreading
  • CRC Computation
  • RTC Frame Structure

Forward CDMA Channel (11 topics)

  • Forward Code Channels
  • Pilot Channel
  • Sync Channel
  • CRC for Sync Channel
  • Paging Channel
  • Access Channel
  • Coding
  • Interleaving
  • Direct Sequence Spreading
  • CRC Computation
  • RTC Frame Structure

Mobile Station Call Processing (4 topics)

  • Mobile Station Initialisation State
  • Mobile Station Idle State
  • System Access State
  • Mobile Station Control on the Traffic Channel State

Base Station Call Processing (11 topics)

  • Pilot & Sync Channel Processing
  • Paging Channel Processing/Procedures
  • Acknowledgement Procedures
  • Access Channel Processing
  • Traffic Channel Processing
  • Traffic Channel Initialisation
  • Waiting for Order Substate
  • Waiting for Answer Substate
  • Conversation Substate
  • Release Substate
  • Registration

Brief Survey of One-Way Hash & Functions & Message Digest (2 topics)

  • One-Way Function for Crypto-Algorithm
  • Message Digest Algorithm for Authentication Data

Authentication, Secrecy & Identification (11 topics)

  • Mobile Station Identification Number
  • Electronic Serial Number
  • Authentication
  • Authentication of Mobile Station Registrations
  • Unique Challenge Response Procedures
  • Authentication of Mobile Station Originators
  • Authentication of Mobile Station Terminators
  • SSD Update
  • Signalling Message Encryption
  • Voice Privacy
  • Authentication Algorithm

Abbreviations & Acronyms


It is assumed the student will have an good understanding of mobile and cellular technologies.

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