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Many projects fail; that is, they do not deliver what was expected within the original timescale and budget. Individual project managers are constantly striving to overcome this. Yet, no matter how hardworking they are, implementation dates are put back and budgets exceeded. This overview describes the fundamental requirements for successful project management.

This course provides an understanding of how projects should be set up so that stated objectives may be achieved and to provide a structure in which project staff can operate successfully.


This course will enable delegates to:

  • Relate projects to business needs.
  • Establish a firm foundation for projects.
  • Plan, monitor and control projects in order to improve the chances of success.
  • Review and complete projects in a controlled manner.
  • Measure the success of projects and apply lessons learned.


Course Topics (14 topics)

  • The nature of project work
  • Projects and programmes
  • The project management life cycle
  • Business justification
  • Project definition
  • Goals, objectives and scope
  • Structure, organisation and responsibilities
  • The project definition workshop
  • Project planning
  • Risk management
  • Estimating effort, time and cost
  • Commitment of resources
  • Monitoring and control of change, quality, cost and progress
  • Project completion and review

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