iSeries Performance Analysis and Capacity Planning

3 Day Course
Hands On
Official IBM Curriculum
Code OL95GB

This course has been retired. Please view currently available IBM iSeries Training Courses.


Course Content: (10 topics)

  • Introduction
  • Performance Tools reporting
  • Collect, save & analysis performance data
  • Perform capacity planning
  • System tuning parameters
  • Monitoring tools
  • Use Operations Navigator & Management Central in a performance tools scenario
  • Job & System tuning techniques
  • PM/400
  • Performance Advisor


Before Taking this course, a student should be able to do the following: * Use Performance data from WRKSYSSTS display to adjust pool sizes * Recognise jobs with high resource utilisation on the WRKACTJOB display * Recognise major factors which could contribute to high faulting rates and resource confilcts * List the major components of an I-Series job. -Describe the effect of run priority and timeslice on Job perfromance This knowledge can be gained by attendance on OS/400 Work Management and Basic Tuning (OL23GB). It is also recommended that this be followed by 3 months practical AS/400 experience.

Additional Learning

The courses below may help you meet the knowledge level required to take this course.

  • iSeries Work Management and Basic Tuning

    2 Day IBM iSeries Work Management Course - Manage workloads, measure system performance and tune the operating system to meet processing requirements

    2 Day Course Hands On Training Official Curriculum Course Code OL23G
    Classroom Virtual Classroom Private Group - Virtual Self-Paced Online

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